Tanvi Taparia Tanvi Taparia is a 19 year old woman from Mumbai. Though she is a management student, her first love is writing. She loves playing with words. She writes poetries to soothe her soul and reads to calm her mind.

What Made Me Fall For Him!

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Before I start narrating you my story of love, I want you to know a little about me. In my growing years, I had been the type of kid who’d sit in a lonely corner and be lost in her book. Not only to avoid people, but also because I genuinely loved doing that. Slowly I learned to socialise and in my teens, my energy was at its peak. Although that energy was only when I was surrounded by people, I still managed to fit in atleast for that short time. After that I was back to what I had always been. This on and off behavior of mine made me do a lot of struggle when it came to maintaining friends and actually living my teens. Nevertheless, I did have some friends who I was genuinely happy with, but I never had somebody who I found I could date. I don’t mean to say that there weren’t nice guys around, there were, but I guess nobody was as good as those fictional characters I alwa read about. It was not about the perfection of those characters I was looking for, but that aura and pleasant soul that those characters held. Maybe I failed to find that in any of them. I am not upset about it, I never was because I always believed that good things take time to happen. Perhaps that belief was true. Right now I have what you call the best and I can never be more proud of all the patience that I held.

That best is of course the love of my life. Ah! I still don’t believe that this is all real.

I remember the first time I met him. It was in the beginning of my college and the conversation that we had was very formal, yet something felt different. After few months, that formal bond converted into a friendship. This friendship developed into the strongest bond that I ever had and later on took the path of Love.

Nothing feels better than knowing that you are in love with a person who loves you equally, maybe even more!

This person wasn’t the perfect fictional character I read about in my favorite romance novels. He was full of imperfections, yet he managed to hold up a beautiful aura that made me to fall in love with him. There are millions of things that make him a pretty human being and I can never tell which of these is the best, because everything has its own beauty.

There were several things about him that brought us together and created a unique bond of our lives. I am listing down a few of them and I hope I do justice to the beauty that he is.

1 – His confidence gained my interest in him.

The first time when we had a conversation, i could clearly see the confidence he held within himself. Our conversation was very formal, hardly for few minutes, but that clearly showed how much faith he had in himself. Such a quality is always attractive. It brings in a different kind of shine in his eyes and a positive energy begins to surround him. His confidence not only helps him to complete his tasks efficiently, but it acts as a motivation for others too, encouraging them to excel as well.

2 – How can one neglect the beautiful smile he has!

No matter how far you are standing from him, his smile will radiate some kind of light in your dark surroundings. It is not the perfect kind of smile, revealing perfectly straight teeth, it is of its own kind. That smile actually captured my heart and just watching him smile was enough for making me feel good. No matter what the situation was, I never saw him throwing away that smile of his. It always stayed on his face , forming a deep dimple and revealing his not so perfect teeth. His smile is refreshing and holds the power of rejuvenating one’s mind.

3 – His never giving up attitude built the respect for him.

After our first conversation, we worked together in several projects and during all those projects I saw his never giving up attitude. Along with the confidence, I could see the presence of determination and ambition. He was not the type who believed in finding the easy way out or look forward to get some cheats to complete his task. He believes in doing it the best way possible and during that process, learning as much as possible. I truly started appreciation him as a person and there was this respect building up for him in my mind. That respect only grew with each day and made me proud of him.

4 – What melted my heart? His dimples!

Like every other normal person, I have to admit that his dimples made me feel weak in the knees. They aren’t visible if he is not smiling, but once he did, it reveals his dimples and you cannot resist them. No matter how upset I am, those dimples can melt me really quick. They hold some kind of magic and the moment I saw him for the first time, I couldn’t take my eyes away. They are something. Something magical.

5 – His aura is welcoming and comforting.

I have had many friends over these years, few close ones and rest normal hi-bye type of people. Even though they existed, I never became the one who would share all her feelings and thoughts with them. I was comfortable with them, yet I never was able to share my heart with them. And then, I meet this person who is quite easy to talk too. I find myself sharing every bit of my soul with the person I met a few months back which I could never do with the ones I had known from years. Maybe it was just the bond, his aura and the comfort level we had which made all the difference. Never did I imagine myself talking about my darkest fears and gloomiest thoughts with anybody, but with this person doing all of that was so much easier. I still don’t believe that sometimes, but that is true. This is perhaps the reason why we became best of friends and gradually fell for each other’s naked soul.

6 – His vulnerability was rare and I found it to be the most beautiful part of him.

It is rare to find a man who shows all those parts that he keeps hidden deep within his heart. The parts that he has never showed to anybody. All those times when he spoke about his fears, darkest secrets and all the things that give him nightmares, I fell a little bit more each time. It is easy to find people sharing the good that they have, but seeing somebody’s naked soul is rare and that makes you fall for them. All his vulnerabilities only showed how strong he is. Before confessing his love, he showed me all his vulnerable sides and that made my faith in him grow stronger than it already was. I don’t know how it is with people, but with me it is the raw souls that I find mesmerising.

7 – The way he cares for me!

I am an independent woman and I do not expect somebody to do things for me. But when you find someone, going out of his way, only to make you smile, you will definitely appreciate his efforts. Watching him being there and actually doing things to lighten up my moods, to make me smile, I saw a beautiful soul. I feel blessed to have somebody who ensures my happiness when I forget to do that. The way he shows hid care through small acts is beautiful. It is something that I cherish more than anything.

8 – He has deep eyes!

Eyes convey everything that a person has in his soul and his eyes have always been like an ocean- deep and peace-giving. Just looking at them you can know how pure his heart his and how deep his soul is. No matter what chaos is going on with me, looking at those eyes is no less than some kind of healing process.

9 – He is the one who is always there!

In the times of good, in the times of bad, in the times of worst, he is the one who has always been there. He, unlike others, never played the busy card to escape a situation where I needed some support. He has always tried his best to make me feel home even in the toughest of situations.

10 – He is the motivator and the home I always missed in life.

I may be the motivator for myself, but it is different when the special one chooses to become one. He is the person who believes in me more than I do. He is the person who makes sure that setbacks do not affect me and nothing stops me from achieving all that I could. He is not only the support, but also my home. People say that home is not always about four walls, it is sometimes a human and now I know why. He is the  person who makes me feel home.

These are just few qualities out of millions more that I may not efficiently note down. But they exist and they add up to his beauty even more. I don’t know if it was in the fate for us to meet, but I am glad that it happened. Like the stars in the sky, he lightens up my world and gives me peace and hope when the darkness revolves around my head.

I may not be the one who can express everything easily, but I want him to know about the love that I have for him. Every bit of the love that I hold in my heart for him.

He is beautiful. Our bond is beautiful.

Tanvi Taparia
Tanvi Taparia Tanvi Taparia is a 19 year old woman from Mumbai. Though she is a management student, her first love is writing. She loves playing with words. She writes poetries to soothe her soul and reads to calm her mind.

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