What Made Me Fall For Him!

You painted my love story!

Before I start narrating to you how my love story started I want you to know a little about me. I was still sort of starting beginning to understand how this entire attraction, love thing worked. Exploring, experimenting.  I had always been the kinds who who’d sit in a lonely corner and be lost in the books. Not only to avoid people, but more coz I genuinely loved doing just that. Slowly I did start opening up, started to socialise. There then came a stage I began loving interacting and I was so not me, I’d love the attention etc.

Though that stayed only for a little while after which I was back again to my usual shy quiet self dunked in books. This was rather strange coz I would kind of pendulum between loving the laugh, chatter and the crowd and suddenly NOT wanting any at all. This posed as a big issue coz I figured I became a recluse and started losing friends as they started judging me.  

Despite and inspite of that I did manage to have some friends who I was genuinely happy with,I did try trust me I did  but I never had somebody who I liked as much I could date. I don’t mean to say that there weren’t nice guys around, there were, but I guess nobody was as good as those fictional characters I alway read about. None that fit my fantasy right! My Mr. Right hadn’t emerged just until then. It was not about the perfection I was looking for,but that element of special connect and the feel of ‘the one’ that occupied and obsessed me. Maybe I failed to find that in any of them. I am not upset about it, I never was because I always believed that some things take time. It did turn out right.

Now! Iam blessed exactly with what I always had in my mind. I can never be more proud of all the patience I had all through those years of impatience.

That best is of course the love of my life. Ah! I still don’t believe that this could be real.

I remember the first time I met him. It was start of my uni and the conversation we had was ever so formal yet something felt so special , so different. After few months, sheer friends turned into special speacial freinds, rather friendship. It developed into some sort of strongest bond that I ever had with anyone.I have no memory of how that took shape of love and sooner than soon I was in love. Down that rosey dazey hazy lane.

Nothing feels better than knowing that you are in love with a person who loves you equally much, maybe even more! Such a gift.

This person wasn’t Mr. perfect from my favorite romance novels, he was even better coz he was real all flesh blood and bone and that heart of gold.  He was full of imperfections, yet he managed to hold up a beautiful something that made me fall in love with him. There are millions of things that make him a beautiful human being and I can never tell which of these is the best, because everything is special in its own way.

Several things about him that brought us together and created the us.  I am listing down a few of them and I hope I do justice to all the wonderful qualities of him.

1 – His confidence was the biggest magnet

The first time when we had a conversation, I could feel his positivity. We spoke only few minutes, such faith he had in himself. It was unreal and so sexy I thought! His eyes shone with confidence and his positivity somehow brightened up everything around him.

2 – His killing smile

He has a smile to die for! No matter how far away you were from him, his smile always radiated the kind of light that would make your day. I was sold, he had me totally. That smile captured my heart and seeing him smile was enough to make me feel like dancing. You know what was the best bit, he always had it on and meant it.  It always stayed on his face , forming a deep charming dimple and revealing his not so perfect teeth.

3 – He never gives up!

After our first conversation, we worked together on several projects and during those times of working together I saw him never giving up. He is a fighter. A go getter.  Along with the confidence, I could see the presence of determination. He was not the type who believed in finding the easy way out. He believes in giving his best no matter what. I truly started to look up to him as a person and appreciated all about  him as a person.

4 – His dimples! God he had me!

I have to admit that his dimples made me feel weak in the knees. All he had to do was smile and I would go all moony. I still do. I so cannot resist them. No matter how upset I am, those dimples can melt me, brighten up my life. They hold some kind of magic. They are something. Something magical.

5 –  He makes you feel so comfortable

I have had many friends over these years, few close ones and some fair weather friends. I was never the type who would share a lot. Iam more of an introvert and talk very little. Yet I somehow surprised myself I was always able to share my heart with him.Anything and everything.  I find myself sharing every bit of my soul with the person I met a few months back which I could never do with any one else ever before. Never did I imagine myself talking about my darkest fears and gloomiest thoughts with anybody, but with this person doing all of that was so much easier and natural. I still don’t believe that sometimes, but that is true. This is perhaps the reason why we became best of friends and gradually fell for each other’s naked souls.

6 – His vulnerability was rare and I found it to be the most beautiful part of him.

It is rare to find a man who shows all those bits of him that he keeps hidden deep within his heart. All those times when he spoke about his fears, darkest secrets and all the things that give him nightmares. I really appreciate this part of his. The way he shares everything with me. Before confessing his love, he showed me all his vulnerable sides and that made my faith grow in him ever more.

7 – The way he cares for me!

I am an independent woman and I do not expect anyone to do things for me. But when you find someone, going out of their way, only to make you smile, you will definitely appreciate his efforts. Watching him being there and actually doing things all big and small makes my heart melt. I feel blessed to have somebody who ensures my happiness is given importance. It is something that I cherish more than anything.

8 – He has deep eyes!

Eyes convey everything that a person has in his soul and his eyes have always been like an ocean! Deep, honest and sort of promising to be there for me. Just looking into them one can get a glimpse into how pure his heart his and how deep his soul is. No matter what is going on with me, looking at those eyes is no less than some kind of magic healing.

9 – He is always there!

He has stuck by me through thick and thin. He, unlike others, never played the busy card to escape a situation where I needed some support. He has always tried his best to help and make me feel at home.

10 – He is home away from home

People say that home is not always about four walls, it is sometimes a human and now I know why. He is the  person who makes me feel so comfortable so at home, so like myself, so safe, so secure, so good. He is all and more than just the ‘feel good’ factor to me. He is my home away from home for me.

These are just few qualities, to name a few out of the millions more that I may not efficiently put in words. But they exist and they add  to his beauty ever more. I don’t know if it was a part of a plan for us to meet. I am glad that it happened. Like the stars in the sky, he lightens up my world and gives me peace and hope when the darkness prevails.

I may not be the one who can express everything easily, but I want him to know about the love I have for him which is intenser than intense, deeper than deepest.  Every bit of the love that I hold in my heart for him.

He is beautiful. He is a beautiful human being. Our bond is special and more than just beautiful.

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