A look at husband wife relationship

Husband Wife Relationship is probably one of the most crucial relationships.

The question over here is what makes it different from other relations like Parents-Child, Siblings or may be best friends?

A lot of expectations, a lot of dependency and a life long companionship!! – is what differentiates it from the other close relations that we have in life.

Talking about this relationship, we primarily associate a life partner as somebody who would be there till our last breath! So how to maintain such a relation? The irony over here is that if its so much important and long lasting than the others, then why its the most vulnerable one? Why its not long lasting as compared to other relations which have been mentioned in the beginning. as given the level of dependency and closeness in this relation, ideally it should be the most stable one! But this does not hold true, and that is very much evident from the increasing number of divorces, separations and extra marital happening these days, as compared to what was there in the previous generation.

So what’s lacking, on part of both the spouses? Is it lack of commitment or willingness? Or is it the increasing economic independence of women that entices them to be single or if not so, then what it is?

Well, I think the base of any relationship is friendship. And If a husband wife can not be good friends, the base is not just built. But while saying this I don’t mean that being good friends with each other essentially wins the battle completely! No, it certainly is much more than just this!

Well, to begin with, in today s generation there is a solid lack of commitment on the part of both the spouses. They really have started taken marriage as just another come and go affair. which is one of the most probable reasons of the irony that I have mentioned in the beginning. Leaving everything aside, how can anything work out if we are not serious enough to make it workout!

Having said a lot about willingness, commitment, friendship, etcetera along with recent trends, lets talk about the positive side of it. My motive of writing this article is certainly not to apprise the readers about lack of commitment in marriages or anything negative related to the same, but my motive is to write about what can be worked out to remove the negativity, if any, and to remove negativity, mentioning about negativity at first becomes imperative, because if something is there, only then we can remove it!

So lets actually talk about this beautiful relationship which is as positive as anything can be!. We can definitely compare this relationship to a see – saw relationship, where one bents willingly for making the other rise. By mentioning see-saw, I just want to highlight that its essentially a relationship, where we seek happiness in our partners’ happiness. Also, to remove negativity, and to make this relationship as beautiful as it actually is, you must be very careful in choosing your life partner. Please match your hobbies, tastes, lifestyles, preferences to your prospective partners’. He / She must be such that they complement you. Once you get that person, accept that person whole heartedly, just swear to stand by him/her till eternity! If parents, siblings, and friends have a place that is irreplaceable, then why can’t the same be true in case of a life partner? It is true, actually! The only difference is that we have not accepted it in our minds. Its all what we think that we become. The moment you (both the spouses) actually start feeling the same about life partners also, you have made place for a partner in your life – forever and ever till eternity! Then comes seeing and feeling the beauty of it, how someone is happy when you are happy, sad when you are sad, and how you have somebody with you before anyone else- throughout the beautiful ride called life! Then comes kids- how you jointly take responsibility for the little ones, to nurture them through your collective effort! At times its work, at times its fun, at times its partying too, and it should be, essentially! Both work and fun have their own place in life and both are utmost important.

In other words, life then becomes a roller coaster ride, at times smooth and at times rough too, but with someone to hold your hands in either of the cases!

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose this life for you if you feel its the right one for you. If not, then, keep on humming- “Single Rehne De, Mujhko Single Rehne De ” ; )

All I want to say is that the choice is entirely and completely yours.!

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