How to communicate effectively in a relationship?

Communication is the key to a healthy and loving relationship. If you want your relationship to prosper with every passing day, you must learn the art of effective communication. It is important to first understand that your partner is not a mind reader. If you want something or if you are angry at something, you need to let your partner know about it, albeit in a mature, sensible way.

Here are some tips to communicate effectively in a relationship:

  1. Keep your phone and gadgets away
    You cannot communicate properly with your partner if you are glued to your mobile phone, checking the unread messages. You need to look into your partner’s eyes in order to communicate well. Keep your phone and gadgets away to minimize distractions. Focus on your relationship.
  2. Choose a proper place and time
    If you meet your partner at a crowded café or a busy shopping mall, you won’t be able to communicate properly with him/her. The noisy ambiance will be a hindrance. You won’t be able to listen to each other and after a few minutes, you will give up. So, choose a serene place where you can talk to your partner easily. At the same time, do not decide to communicate with your partner right before going to a meeting, when work occupies your head mind.
  3. Listen to what your partner says
    An effective communication can happen only when both the people are patient listeners. After you have communicated your worries or problems with your partner, listen to what he/she says. Don’t interrupt your partner when he/she is speaking. Be a patient listener.
  4. Do not start blaming each other
    In case you and your partner do not agree on something, try to understand what the other person is saying. Try to see things from the perspective of your partner. Do not shout and blame your partner for being unable to understand your feelings. We, human beings are different from each other. No two people are exactly same. So, it is natural that both of you might not see eye to eye on every topic.
  5. Do not bring up past issues
    When you are addressing the current issue and talking to your partner about it, focus on that issue only. Talk about it and try to find a solution. Do not bring up past issues. It will only result in quarrels and arguments.
  6. Say assuring phrases
    When your partner is talking to you about something, tell him/her assuring words like “I understand”, “Yes, I am listening”, “I appreciate that you are discussing this with me”, “I will think about it”, etc. These phrases will make your partner feel that you are always there to support him/her.
  7. Be attentive
    Finally, be attentive when you are communicating with your partner. Do not think about the pending work at your office or about the upcoming brunch with your friends. Be present in the moment so that you can effectively communicate with your partner.

If you follow these simple tips, you will surely be able to handle any issues or problems that occur in your relationship. The secret of a great relationship is great communication.

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