A very filmy love marriage story—Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff

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Love happens in the unlikeliest places to the most unlikely personalities in the most unexpected way.This was true in the case of the flamboyant ,Jackie Shroff and his childhood sweetheart ,Ayesha Shroff.Read on to know more about their marriage story and their secrets for a happy and fulfilling marriage.

The Beginning

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Most Bollywood couples had a filmi style first beginning in their relationships when they first saw the love of their lives.
Ayesha was only 13 years of age and hanging from her school bus when Jackie first saw her.She belonged to a high-class society and he lived in a chawl at that time.
He was quite bold and went up to her to introduce himself and told her that he used to hangout with his friends nearby.Just a casual introduction from the young flirty boy he was at that time.
Just like a scene changes in a movie, they next met at a record’s shop where Ayesha had come to purchase some records.He was glad to see her and offered her help in choosing some records.
Ayesha got attracted to him after this meeting and had accepted him as his life -partner at that point of time.

The Courtship

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They started dating each other soon and used to go for long walks to enjoy each other’s company.Ayesha had led a very luxurious life and knew that Jackie was not so well off .But, this difference of financial background and social status did not bother her much. They would go window shopping and even sit on double decker buses to enjoy their precious moments together.

It was during their courtship that Jackie revealed to Ayesha that he loved another girl who came in his life before he met her.The other girl had gone to the US for further studies at that time he revealed. Ayesha was now even more desperate to win over Jackie at any cost and make their bond inseparable.
She was so madly in love with him that she told him to write a letter to the other girl offering her to stay with them in her house if she wanted!
Such was the intensity of her love for him and it truly melted Jackie’s heart to see her ready to sacrifice everything she had for him.

The Marriage

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Jackie was 25 when he was trying to get his break in Bollywood. His tall ,rugged and macho personality got him noticed by the famous director ,Subhash Gai for his next film.Jackie debuted with the fil,Hero in 1983 and he decided to get married to his childhood sweetheart as soon as possible.
Ayesha’s mother did not approve of her relationship with Jackie since he was totally opposite in every aspect to Ayesha. He was a totally different cultural ,financial, societal and religious background but this did not bother Ayesha one bit.
They got married to each other on June 25,1987 which also happened to be Ayesha’s 27th birthday.
So, finally,the high-class girl had married her tapori hunk to become one and moved into his home in the chawl after marriage.

Life Post Marriage

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They welcomed their first child, Tiger Shroff in the year ,1990 and they had a daughter, Krishna Shroff in 1993. They are now grown up and now successfully pursuing their careers due to the support from their parents. Jackie had always been a real person with no airs owing to his humble background and simple beginning in the industry. Their marriage had taken place before he started his acting career and his nature and outlook towards life and people greatly inspired Ayesha.
Ayesha once revealed in an interview about Jackie’s personality , “I always took people at the face value. I trusted people blindly. I have been quite superficial and seeing the way he is and has been all these years and the way he treats people has rubbed off on me. He has taught me to be more caring towards other people and not only think about myself.”

The Controversies

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In the year 2009, Ayesha began pursuing her career with a film production company with a famous model and Bollywood actor Sahil Khan. Sahil Khan had started his career as a model and later tried to make a foray into films.
Sahil started film production after divorcing his ex-wife,Negar Khanand through the nature of his work happened to meet Ayesha.
Over a period of one year, their alleged affair became the talk of the town.Leaked images of them partying together and going out started doing the rounds in Jackie’s absence.
Jackie remained a silent spectator but when the need arose, he intervened to prevent any legal tussle and the bad effect of this controversy on his marriage and family.
In 2014, finally, the couple filed a defamation case against Sahil and he fled the town for a long time, thus ending the controversy .

Their Relationship Secret

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Jackie was one tough guy when it came to his personality but he was a complete softie at heart.
Ayesha once revealed about her man, ‘You’ve been a doormat for a long time, now go ahead and enjoy yourself.’ That’s why we’ve been together for years.”
He believed that there one should never be judgmental and self-obsessed when dealing with people and this reflected in his marriage with Ayesha. He had made her a better person and a better life-partner owing to his ideals.
We wish them more years of togetherness for setting an example of how love can bend the invisible barriers of social and financial backgrounds to overcome barriers in marital relationships.

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