The Perfect Role Models of Marriage—Madhuri Dixit and Sriram Nene

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They were totally contrasting personalities, one a doctor and the other an actress, yet they managed to make their marriage work.
Theirs was a typical arranged marriage setting where they took an instant liking for each other and decided that they were made for each other.
We are talking about the beautiful Dhak-Dhak girl,Madhuri Dixit who was the heartthrob of the nations and her spouse, the charming Dr Sriram Nene.

The Beginning

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Madhuri’s brother, Ajit Dixit knew Dr Sriram Nene from the time he lived in Los Angeles,California. He was quite impressed by his dear friend, a cardiovascular surgeon
By profession and thought that he was perfect for his darling and beautiful sister.
On Ajit’s request, Madhuri decided to meet Sriram and the pair hit it off quite well. They started meeting more often to get to know each other well , it was a perfect arranged marriage situation with the brother playing the matchmaker in their case.
When they first met, Sriram did not know that Madhuri was such a famous actress and she would laugh about it later on pulling his leg.

Love and Marriage

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Madhuri and Sriram slowly started falling in love with each other and after three months post introduction, they decided to get married.
Madhuri was at the peak of her career at that point of time in her life and she knew quite well what marriage would mean at this time.
She was in love with this charming doctor and decided to proceed with their marriage ignoring all the controversies and speculations.
On October 17, 1999 they married each other in an intimate ceremony at an undisclosed location with a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii islands.
They returned to India to host a grand reception and to publicly announce their wedding and invited many famous celebrities,leaders, sportspersons and page3 people with full grandeur and style.

Life Post Marriage

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Madhuri decided to move back to the US after finishing her pending assignments in Bollywood to concentrate on her marriage.
This was a very confident decision made by an actress like her who was a blockbuster heroine and a winner of many Filmfare awards to her honour.
Sriram took her away from all the media glare and publicity and she quite enjoyed her life as a commoner in a completely new place.
She was not so popular in the English cinema hence she secretly enjoyed doing her daily chores in peace like shopping and going out with her husband publicly.
Sriram recalled that he did not realise her popularity until , “until some Non Resident Indian’s came knocking, and then it was like a flood of visitors”.

Many of her popular co-actors,Shah Rukh Khan,Akshay Kumar would meet her whenever they travelled to the US .She was totally at peace with her husband, home and had two kids, Arin Nene (2003) and Rayaan Nene(2005) to adore.

Career Growth and Support

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Their kids were growing up and it was at that phase of her life that Aditya Chopra, a famous director approached her for her comeback film,Aaja Nachle.
The film was woman-centric with dance as its soul and he knew only Madhuri could fit in that role.
Madhuri was supported by Sriram in rejoining the film industry and would shuttle between India and the US for completing her shoots.
Finally, in November, 2007 her movie was released worldwide and it marked a turning point in her life .
Sriram decided that Madhuri needed to return in full force to the silver screen and he ws willing to shift to India since could easily find a job in India owing to his superb qualifications and experience in the US.
Do we get to hear about such support and sacrifices in the lives of married women nowadays?
Truly a great husband, Sriram pushed her in pursuing her dreams but she , being the doting mother, chose to work on the small screen to give time to her family.
She started judging a few dance shows like Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa as a celebrity judge.
Offers started pouring in and she managed to shoot for two more films,started her online dance academy,”Dance with Madhuri” with a stunning viewership of 2 lakhs.

Secrets of their Relationship

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The best part about their relationship from the start was that there was no compulsion, no abstention but trust ,growth and blind belief in each other’s capabilities.
Sharing a common future with success for you life partner and implementing it are two different things.
They have always taken out time for each other, no matter how busy they were in their endeavors as Sriram revealed, A romantic date is about the person you are with and how you treat each other. I would say that we could be anywhere and enjoy each other’s company.

On an ending note, Sriram said some inspirational marriage goals by admitting,”We strike the right balance. She has always been grounded. I am the dreamer and adventurer. She has taught me patience and I have taught her organisation.”

Marriage is a give and take relationship which requires just the balanced amount of sacrifice and that space in personal and professional lives.
We think their marriage story of the perfect arranged marriage setting where love and respect grows after marriage towards a bright future.

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