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Playing basketball from the age of 14 stuck out with only 114 times in 7132 attempts. He may never be convinced with the improvements in his play with a new and better bat. When he was in a slump, was blaming his equipment, he took extra efforts in batting practices and focused on the swinging the mechanics. If this would have been our nation’s goal towards marriage, then, things wouldn’t have been so sour. Rather, it would have become much better right away by focusing on what can e controlled and how can one improve your relational mechanics.

How can you become much a better patient towards your life- become more thoughtful? Or start loving your wife more? Actually you cannot control your wife’s action; instead, you can work on your own actions and efforts to make the relationship better day after day.

Aim at one act of Kindness at your Spouse

It is better than you plan on it, whatever; you have in your mind just write it down if you have chances to forget it. Odds are often being highly useful in leading you to a better position.

Talk openly about your finances in detail

Money often surprises one another when we start speaking about it. Taking steps in sharing your financial balances and deposits here and there; this will let you and your wife connect and depend on each other because the concept of Trust is built upon these facts.  It does not mean that you do not keep secrets but valuing her input will make it a decision as a team.

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Try to know what she Loves and Likes

Do you know what her favourite band is? What books does she love to read or is reading now? Where would she love to go in the coming weekend? Which restaurant was she dying to visit? Ask good questions and then listen to it. Remember paying attention to your loved one’s likings will help you to make a better decision and surprise her most often.

Try to make some creative ways to tell your wife about your love

Don’t assure the fact that she knows everything. Try to make an effort to let her know your concern and love for her. Sometimes being romantic is highly appreciable. You may be a reserved person for instance still if you urge and make a possible effort to make her feel special with some dinner date or like offering surprises will let her feel most exceptional.

Take a note to cut off your TV timing in half and half and spend time with your loved one

Use some time to talk with her, spend time with her, be with her and help her in the kitchen. These small thing matters to women and makes her feel contended. Take a look at the media usage too and say something prioritizing the relationship that you both share with each other.

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Make a list of your own likings

If your wife is not on your priority list make effort to make her feel it within. It may happen that your work is your priority or your friends, but taking steps to make your better half feel good will make your relationship better.

Confine it to some of your friends

If one of your friends are having a good relationship rapport with his wife and you feel good about it, then, talk to him and let him explain it that how this is possible. Trying the grab some ideas and encouragement sometimes help in make the relationship well-to-do.

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Try out counseling

Ok, it may sound intense- but in reality, think it is going to be a 30,000-mile tune-up for you. Tell your beloved wife that you are trying your best to turn into a better husband and wish to work on it perfectly. Move for a quick appointment with the counselor and make the best intentional interventions.

Thus, these effective steps can really make you a better husband an understanding human being. It is important to impress yourself first than concentrating on others fault in every way.

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