Breaking All Barriers of Love—Dharmendra and Hema Malini

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When the ‘He-Man’of Bollywood met his ‘Dream Girl’, sparks were to fly for sure.Both were extremely good-looking and successful in their careers.Read on how their romance flourished against all odd to make them the odd-defying couple with a strong marriage of 37 years to their credit.

The Beginning

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They first met each other on the set of the film,Tum Haseen Mein Jawan in the year 1970.Dharmendra was a married man with two kids,Sunny and Bobby.(married to Prakash Kaur).Hema had rejected quite a good number of proposals , including Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra!

The Marriage

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Hema was quite unsure about getting involved with a married man since she knew the repurcussions. He already had two children and his first wife was not willing to divorce him at any cost. Their families’ were opposed strictly to their courtship since he was already married.
One day, Hema’s mother decided to take matter into her hands and proposed Jeetendra as her future husband and their families’ got involved in finalizing their wedding date.
Jeetendra and Hema were not made for each other and they were going ahead only due to family pressure. When Dharmendra came to know about their wedding , he turned furious and stormed into Hema’s home to stop the proceedings.
Jeetendra and his family were furious due to this ruckus and Hema requested for some time to talk to Dharmendra for some time.
Finally, she said “No” to Jeetendra and his family left in a huff.
But, as they say ,love is blind, they continued to meet despite all the previous drama and decided to marry finally.
Since Dharmendra was already married to Prakash,he decided to marry Hema by converting to Islam.
They allegedly converted to Islam and got married using Islamic customs to get legal status for their marriage. There was no way out for their love with so much family pressure .They had a secret nikah(Marriage in Islam) and then again wed in Iyengar style,since Hema was an Iyengar.

Life After Marriage

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Being away from the media glare was never easy with so much hype around their secret wedding doing the rounds.It must have hurt their families’ and Prakash the most to read about this in the news.But, as they say ,love is filled with difficulties in every walk of life.
Dharmendra and Hema had two daughters,Esha Deol and Ahana Deol.
Both their daughters are now happily married , with Esha having a brief stint in Bollywood.
Hema and Dharmendra have defended their love against all odds , breaking many hearts along the way.

Their love story is quite unique and unconventional, not duly approved by many ,including their own families.But, they have kept their bond so strong since their marriage that they can see no one else between they evn today.

Recalling that Mad Love

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Hema recalled in an interview about Dharmendra unconditional love for her .She stated that , Recalling an incident while in an interview with a leading daily, Hema Malini revealed:

“I was shooting in Nasik. He was shooting in Bangalore. Suddenly, he went missing from the sets and everyone got worried. The next day I see him in Nasik. He had driven for 24 hours all the way to Nasik, just to see me. He came and said, ‘I love you so much!’ To love so deeply you must have that heart.”

She describes him as the most romantic and loving husband in the world who still looks at her with that same passion as he did when they first fell in love with each other.
He still cherishes his queen , describing her as his ,”Dream Girl” , stunning her every day with his profound love and romance.
Their relationship is an example of marriages which defy all barriers of religion, family ,society and traditions. The most unconventional couple in Bollywood whose marriage is surprisingly strong in spite of so much opposition every time.

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