Love and marriage between Ayushman Khurrana and Tahira

A love story that’s unconventional in every way possible and still makes us relate way to hard to it must be a special one, right?

You would think, 2 kids and 20 years of togetherness has a secret recipe to it? Well, it does not. The love of Actor Ayushmann Khurrana and VJ Tahira Kashyap is something that continues to age like wine. This couple hailing from Chandigarh didn’t have the most perfect start too. Both slow, both shy, the mirroring personalities is what brought them closer. Ever wanted to know the inspiration behind all those love songs and sweetly portrayed characters? Well, we have an answer and that is the binding love that Tahira gives him.

Read about this sweet love story and prepare yourself for the sob fest that will follow.

It all began with a sweet misunderstanding.

In a batch of 60 students, Tahira thought Ayushman’s name was Abhishek. Which comically, Ayushman didn’t bother correcting her. Tahira admitted to having a crush on Ayushman, along with her friend. But never pursued it. Which Ayushman still regrets. And why wouldn’t he? The couple lost a whole year of togetherness because of it.

“I don’t want to sound vintage but dating back in those days in Chandigarh was a different experience or perhaps we were both just extremely slow and shy. Both of us attended the same Physics tuition class when we were in the 12th standard. It was a batch of around 60 students and when I first met Ayushmann I thought his name was Abhishek.”

Those who are meant to be, find their way.

“One day Tahira along with her mom and dad went to her dad’s friend’s place. He told them that he has a friend who is an astrologer so she quickly called her friend over and told her everything about this dinner. She planned to ask him about her grades in her entrance and competitive exams. When they arrived for dinner, she was shocked to see Ayushman there, who was also one of her father’s friend’s sons. That’s how they started talking to each other and fell in love with each other. They also acted in several plays together, did their studies together and have been together through each other’s thick and thin.”

Their support for each other’s career is an inspiration to many.

After the massive success of Vicky Donor, Ayushmann moved to Bombay, while Tahira stayed back in Chandigarh and later joined him. They were also in a sort-of long-distance marriage during the first four years of their marriage. She expressed her views in a sweet interview:

“When I saw Vicky Donor on the big screen for the first time, it was a surreal moment for me. I was transported back in time to when he had first told me he wanted to be an actor. And I had laughed. We definitely didn’t expect Vicky Donor to do so well and never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that a song I had been listening to for the past 9 years (Paani Da) would become such a phenomenon!”

Adding to the praise fest, Ayushmann said in a book release interview:

“In early 2000, we had a theatre group for which Tahira used to write scripts and also helm plays. I was always confident of her as a thinker, writer and a director. I’m happy that she’s finally done it now.”

At home and in work, there’s is a relationship of equals, one filled with ample love and support. The trick to their lasting companionship, in their own words, is accepting each other with their flaws and imperfections!

The cutest couple will of course have the cutest babies.

The sweet couple has two kids together, son Virajveer, 5, and daughter Varushka, 3. They want to give their kids an extremely humble upbringing. Speaking about them, Ayushmann once said:

“They don’t watch my films, and I do that to keep them away from the limelight. I feel that my kids should have a regular childhood, without being labelled star kids. They should be given regular treatment and shouldn’t be made to feel special, because they haven’t achieved anything. I want them to have their own path and achieve their own goals and get what they truly deserve. I won’t do any film that would make my kids cringe; neither would I support the kind of cinema that’d make them uncomfortable at any point. I come from a background where I’ve discussed everything with my parents since my teens. So, I come from a fairly progressive mindset and background. I feel that my kids would also be so, they’d love to see my films and be proud of them.”

“As a husband, Ayush is a much better person than the guy I was dating. He is an amazing human being and I love him for his sound character- which is not just reflected in him as a husband, but also as an employee, employer, friend, son, brother, son-in-law. He makes the best companion I could ever ask for. We have been friends before we got married. I have known him closely. I don’t have anything for him right now but if anything falls into place, I don’t mind directing him if he fits a character. Although I don’t know how that will work out… it will be a different experience for both of us.” Meanwhile, Tahira is also happy with the kind of right choices Ayushmann is making these days. She gushes, “I am proud of him. He is on the right track. He discusses all his scripts with me and he always wanted to be part of films that are high on content.”

Says Tahira.

Shah Rukh Khan had once said ‘Pyaar dosti hai’ and Ayushmann believes that. Tahira and he have been great friends since Class 12. So that evolved into a relationship and finally culminated marriage, which has lasted because of companionship more than anything else. They got a chance to discover each other emotionally and physically, but had they not been friends before, it wouldn’t have survived this long.

Hope you survived the cuteness.

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