Broken Wings

While I wanted to fly, my wings were broken,

While I wanted to walk, my inner being was shaken,

While I dared to dream, to live them was a dream so barren,

Calculations and assumptions were all a vain,

Your eyes seemed to question my sense of sane.

You promised me to be my support and shield,


Irony is those were decorated illusions,

With every single touch and every single word,

My efforts started dying a silent death,

To question my decisions,

To demoralize my passions,

You left no stone unturned,

To make me feel so unwanted and crippled.

Now that there is transparency,

Seems your promises were just fancy,

The moment the hunger satiated,

The true beast in you unveiled,

Leaving my dreams and me lie back broken,

While I wanted to fly, you left my wings broken.



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