The End I Never Wanted

Love is one of the purest of all emotions that a human being can experience, be it the love of parents, friends, or any other form. There is one form of love which is very close to the heart of every human being and that is when you feel butterflies in your stomach seeing or […]

The Concept of Marriage

Marriage is an important ritual in the Indian society. No matter how modernized we become, we still are stuck to our age old rituals and beliefs and this is what makes us culturally different and diverse from the rest of the world. We value our traditions so much that more often nonsensical riots break up […]

His Undying Love

Each story that makes to the reels are inspired from real life incidents. Today, I bring to you one such real life story filled with varied emotions. The hero of this story has requested me to keep him as anonymous and I respect that request. My role in this story: A listener and wordsmith. This […]

Our Unfinished Task

Somya said- It’s been days since you last wrote, why don’t you write something? True that, it has been sometime since I last let my emotions flow. Today seated here at the porch, isolated from the outer world, my thoughts somehow drifted back to the time, when I used to be a jolly, bubbly spirit. […]

A&A- The Unknown Tale

“Love is beyond explanations, reality and barriers. All she knew was to break herself apart and love you and she did and will keep doing so till she breathes.” This isn’t some fancy fairy tale or a marriage with a happy ending. This is altogether a different story. A story of two persons, where one […]

He is married

She said- I am in love, but I am afraid, She said- the feeling is strong, but unsaid. I feel butterflies at his sight, Heartbeats skipped the moment he eyed. So why don’t you tell him? – I inquired. A deep breath, she sighed! “I can’t”- she mumbled, “I want to, but I can’t”- she […]

My Kind of Fairy Tale

We have been married for six years now, yet it seems, it was just yesterday. I still remember our first meeting. Those beaming eyes and flashing smile, those perfectly toned muscles. He seemed like a Greek sculpture designed with the utmost perfection. We belong to a lower middle class family and as is the trend, […]


Marriage is a beautiful bond,  Why overshadow it with a dowry grand? A father gives a daughter, A brother gives her sister, Mr Groom, is she less than some oyster?   Money, jewellery and furniture, Are they really worth more than her? She gives up loved ones to be with you. Is it really wise […]

Broken Wings

While I wanted to fly, my wings were broken, While I wanted to walk, my inner being was shaken, While I dared to dream, to live them was a dream so barren, Calculations and assumptions were all a vain, Your eyes seemed to question my sense of sane. You promised me to be my support […]

The Housewife

A bunch of his friends came home today to see his bride, Enthusiastically, they asked, how is it to be a housewife? Before she could utter a word, Her husband smirked, Easy as hell, After all, they only sit and enjoy the luxury very well. Just some food to cook, some utensils to clean, What […]

The Unfair Psychotic Love

There he was standing at the corner of the room and staring at her, like she is the most precious possession he can ever own. She was unaware that she had a secret lover. A carefree, glee and unique girl, in her twenties surrounded by her group of friends, seated at the canteen. Sounds like […]