Not going to let my love go again….!

Dark night driving home back: 9:15 pm

It is 9:15 pm I am driving back home, it is late for the place I stay in, it’s a small town and the day starts at 5 am and ends at 9 pm. Almost the entire town is at bed for a long night of sleep. The sky is dark, no stars are visible and the clouds are all around on alarm, it is going to rain. The road is almost empty only few trucks and cars are seen running, few tea stalls are open I can see the lights of the tea stalls with few people around enjoying a cup of tea in the dark night with the streams of wind.

The usual travel time to home is about an hour and 45 minutes. I think I will reach early because of no traffic at the time I am a little skeptical as my car broke down in the morning but thanks to Ramesh, my neighbour who helped me to repair it while he was on his way to open his shop. If any such mishap occurs again I doubt that I can reach home tonight.

Thunderstorm and the rainfall when I meet Dibyendu again…..

While I was thinking about it started to rain. It’s the thunderstorm and it is the pouring. I am finding it difficult to drive as the thunderstorm is fierce. It has been two days Dibyendu is here. Dibyendu is my husband, I don’t know whether to use the word ex-husband or not. We parted after six months of our marriage.

I came to know he is in town as he texted me before arriving. He is a chemical engineer and is here for one of his official trips. Back of my mind I was somewhere thinking about him and was therefore late. Though I know it is difficult for me to meet him again but still feeling like seeing him once.

Yes! It is two long years I have parted with Dibyendu. It was difficult for me to leave but had to do so. My mother who was very ill, she required me as being the only daughter. I and my mother stayed together after my father’s death, I was the only person who could care for her.

After meeting Dibyendu we decided to get married but life turned upside down when my mother was diagnosed to suffer from cancer.

It was mothers desire that I be with her in the last four months of her life. She wasn’t ready to leave her home and stay with us. So I went ahead and stayed with her but Dibyendu and his family were not ready for this, they wanted me to do for my mother but the first priority should be Dibyendu’s and his family. I could not believe it that my family is less important even after knowing that my mother was under the severe health condition and no one is there to look after her accept me and Dibyendu.

It was difficult for me to leave my mother all alone and so after an egoistic fight regarding my family and his family, I decided to leave that house and return back to my mother to stay with her during the last days of her life. After my mother’s death I shifted to this small town as assistant engineer, it is almost 8 months I have joined and staying in the recommended bungalow by the office.

Life is wonderful here……no worries, no pains……

Life is good here Anima my maid prepares the cup of tea every morning, prepares my breakfast and dinner and takes all the care of my place. Weekends are fine while relaxing after an entire week’s hard work. The town Gauripur and its people are very good and friendly. It has been only a few months I am here but it seems like it has been years I have known this town.

Ah! It is raining heavily now. I can see a tea stall, it is better to get down and have a cup of tea here, maybe by the time I finish the tea the rain may slow down to drizzle. I ordered a cup of tea; the stall man is almost done with the day. Five men are here who are enjoying their sips, suddenly I find an eye staring at me, I cannot believe that it is him, Dibyendu.

With the cup of tea my steps moving towards him I said “Hi”. Dibyendu staring at me asked ”so late”?  This was an unbelievable moment for me that after two years I find him standing in front of me and still with the same care asking me a question “so late”? I replied, “you are the reason”. I was thinking of you for the whole day and so no work is done.

Dibyendu laughing said, “Are you serious?” I replied, “No, I am seriously joking.”

He asked, “So you still think of me”? With his cup of tea in his hand.” My reply: No! not really but your text, that you are in my town forced me to think about you.

I asked how long you are here? He replied “I am transferred here and almost next three years will be here in this town dating you.”

And Dibyendu wants to come along with me again…

It is really a wonderful feeling when you find your lost love and lost partner around. It was very few days we had spent together and it will be a boon to our relationship if we get one more chance to stay with each other. No longer I can feel same for anyone and neither can Dibyendu, so it was a life given to our marriage.

I asked him so where are you staying? He said not yet decided.

Why not my place Mr Dibyendu Nag? He smiled and said so what’s the dinner tonight? I said home delivery wala dubba.

Cholbe! He said, I want to be with you no matter what may be the situation, once I made a mistake but not now. Can I find you near my early morning wishes or late night blathers? Togetherness in small and big walks in our life is what I missed in these two years.

Ego ruins the individuality of every relationship. No matter how much depth you find in your relation. It’s because of our unwanted gestures of pride to win as an individual has to lead to be parted from each other. But I find this separation of two years was worth it, at least we know the value of each other and the importance of marriage.

Nothing can be so amazing in my life while I found my parted partner close to me again, the conversation took about 1 hour slowly the rain stopped; I handed over my car keys to him and said I am tired.

He took the keys and together we went home with new dreams to staying together happily, no matter whatever the situation is hold each other close with love and care.

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