Change is Beautiful

Arguing Couple
How about a furniture change said Roy to Asha.  It’s become very old said he.
Oh really!  Said Asha?  What about the beautiful memories that we have with this house and the furniture?
Moreover,  the cost of the new furniture?  You know that we are little tight on finances right?
Yes, sweetheart,  I know that we are tight on finances.
And you are also right about the beautiful memories of our marriage.
But you see at times its good to let go to allow something better to come in. Right?
We cannot just hold onto something that’s becoming rusty or deteriorating because it will in turn rust more.
Yes,  you are right.
And yeah about finances,  let’s See how can that be sorted.
Roy contacts one of his friends Ashish,  who knows many furniture dealers and he comes across one who will give them the required furniture in their budget.
They visit the store and look at the beautiful furniture present.
Sofas and tables in different types of wood s and designs.
 Cupboards in various varieties of sizes,  mirror designs and so on.
The couple finalizes a sofa set brown in colour,  extreme carving of flowers and leaves and designs.
They also finalize a table with 4 seats which have a glass top and wooden chairs.
Finally,  they come to a decision that this is all they can afford for now and they proceed to the billing counter.
The dealer decides to test these customers.
After the billing is done,  the dealer doesn’t tell the actual amount.  The actual price is 7 lacs but the dealer tells them 7.5 lacs.
They try to negotiate a lot,  but the dealer only reduces it to 7.3 lacs.
The husband and wife disheartened come back home,  requesting the dealer to give them two days.
The dealer asks his friend Jayesh to let him know how the scene unfolds.
Jayesh,  being another friend, whom Roy,  had contacted.
After,  coming home,  Asha is furious and decides not to talk to Roy.
Roy, on the other hand, tries to pacify her,  cooks a nice lunch for both of them but Asha is just not ready to listen.
Finally,  dejected Roy decides to call Jayesh and fix the matter for once and all.
Jayesh,  pretending to not to know anything comes to their home.
Roy welcomes him and Asha being his friend comes down as well.
Asha: Jayesh ji wo toh thoda zyada bol raha hai,  kuch kam karne boliye na.
Aapko toh Pata hi hai na ki paise ki thodi maara maari hai.
Toh bhi humne sirf table or sofa set hi liya hai.
Jayesh: Ji bhabhi ji mai abhi baat karta hun.
Meanwhile,  Asha and Roy, go in and Asha starts arguing.
She says: Kya zaroorat thi.  Maine toh pehle hi bola tha ki aajkal insaanon ki kimat kam aur paise ki zyada hai.
Roy: Still believing the other way tries to convince Asha by saying that it’s not true.
We will get it in the decided price.
Meanwhile, Jayesh is outside the door and has put the phone on the speaker.  Jayesh and dealer listen to the complete quarrel.
Finally,  because of Asha,  Roy decides to drop the plan for new furniture.
And,  Roy storms out of the room.
And decides to talk to Jayesh.
Jayesh’s talk with the dealer is over by now and it is decided that the dealer will come home to decide.
This is unknown to Asha and Roy.
Suddenly,  the bell rings.  Roy,  a little surprised,  opens the door.
Seeing the dealer outside the door,  he is a bit unsure of his purpose but lets him in.
Dealer and Jayesh, exchange mischievous glances.
Roy,  a little puzzled asks the dealer what’s the matter and why is he here.
Dealer then starts explaining the whole scenario.
When Roy and Asha both come to know that it was just a small test that dealer wanted to do with these customers they both feel ashamed.
Asha apologizes for her behavior and in turn cooks a delicious lunch for all of them.
They all have lunch together and finally, the furniture deal is finalized at 7 lacs.
Roy and Asha are very happy and thank the dealer from the bottom of their heart.
After Lunch,  Jayesh and the dealer leave the house.
Roy and Asha look at each other and both apologise to each other for their unruly behavior.
Asha learns not to judge and blame people unnecessary.
She also learns to have more faith in her husband.
Roy,  on the other hand, learns that reaching a conclusion without proper discussion can lead to more damage than benefit.
It can even damage the relations.
They both share these understandings with each other and decide to be on the receiving end in the future.

2 thoughts on “Change is Beautiful”

  1. Story looks good. It represent the specific group hence not able to connect connect this story

    1. Thank you Milind for your inputs . Just tried to replicate a real situation.
      I will be better next time. ?

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