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A relationship has many facets, and some of these are often considered obvious due to which people tend to ignore it. That is when the conflict arises.

Perpetual problems can suffocate a relationship. We don’t realize until it all falls apart and you are left with nothing. Consider these simple factors that contribute to the longevity of a relationship, and keep yourself safe from the disputes. 🙂

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Mutual Understanding

As the name suggests, it is about understanding. Understanding is perceiving what your partner says the same way he does. Everyone can be a good listener, but how much he gets is important. If your partner knows you well, enough then he will definitely get the message you are trying to convey. Understanding is effected when;

  1. Either partner is not interested:

When one partner is trying to resolve the problem and the other partner does not do his/her part. Then, the problem remains unsolved.

  1. There is no proper communication:

As the name suggests, in marriage, spouses often consider it obvious that their spouses would get to know about their issues. However, it is not necessary. There are situations where a person is carrying his/her own burden of issues. Hence, he will not be able to give as much attention as he would in another case.

Communicating both ways is critical for understanding. It gives comfort and assurance that someone has his/her back when needed.

  1. When either partner gives himself/herself the priority in a relationship:

Narcissism is never healthy for a relationship. Moreover, it can end a relationship. Giving yourself importance is good to an extent. But not entertaining your partner’s wishes would make him/her feel neglected.

The adjustment should come from both parties. Then only a relationship would last long.

Conflicts can never be solved if you want to solve it in your way.

Equality should always be there.

sensitivity. kissing on head


In marriage after a certain period of time, you tend to feel monotonous. The husband and wife doing their daily chores. During this, we often forget to give attention to your partner. Due to which your partner feels neglected.

When you announce some good news to your partner, and your partner is not as happy as you expected. This could lead to conflicts. Being sensitives is letting your partner know how you feel about their news. It is how you express your feelings. It shows you care.

this is friendship


“Share and care.”

“Be yourself.”

One should always try being friends with his partner. Don’t just consider the positive parts, as friendship has its own hard times. There can be confusions, misunderstandings and difference of opinions. The great thing about friendship is friends go through all this and they end up understanding what were the reasons for their altercations.

Being friends has perks. You don’t judge. Thus, you are not afraid of sharing anything with your friend. Friendship doesn’t subject you to change.

When you are spouses and friends that is a privilege, not many, can afford. You are open about your opinions and ideas because you look up to your spouse for support.

finance. couple playing with money


“Money is not everything but money is something.” This statement is true in every sense.

It is required for fulfilling your basic needs. Financial instability can cause stress. Stress can make you fall apart.

Love, loyalty and friendship. I agree this is what we need for a relationship to run smooth. However, there is another thing on the list that should not go unnoticed i.e. financial stability. Financial stability means having a sufficient amount of money to fulfil our needs. A relationship is adversely affected when you can’t manage your finances. You can end up being in a situation where you will focus more on earning money than on your partner’s needs.

When you have a financial crisis, you will be constantly thinking about how to fix it. Whereas if you two try together and analyze the situation. Then, there are chances of figuring out the solution and at the same time, your bond will become stronger.

Yes! It is necessary.

Yes! There will always be hurdles, and you should always try to not get this in your way. Instead, you should tackle this together.


Intimacy means closeness to your partner and not just physical but emotional as well.

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Physical intimacy leaves you exposed. You let your partner see your whole self. That’s when you know that he has accepted you for what you are. Moreover, he loves you for “being you.” Human beings are flawed in their own ways. Feeling vulnerable is the worst for anyone. But ready to be vulnerable is the strongest decision. Physical closeness is necessary for a marriage to survive. Our bond grows stronger physically and emotionally.

communication is so important in a relationship

Emotional intimacy is similar to physical intimacy except for it can’t be seen. You can only feel it. Growing emotionally is a bit complicated than having the physical attachment. Foremost, it involves communication. As long as you guys talk to each other about your feelings and share your fears, you are on the right track. A healthy communication also means that you trust each other. Nowadays, people seldom trust anyone. It’s not that they don’t want to. But they are frightened by the thought of someone breaking their trust. If, you guys have these two things in your relationship. Consider yourself lucky having found each other.

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