Cheers to a perfect beginning

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Saw an ebullient crowd, celebrating their win
Couldn’t hear my friend’s voice in the din
” Hey, isn’t that David, the one shooting spray?”
My eyes finally rested on his auburn hair
Laughing easily, entertaining his folk
He stopped in his tracks as heard me croak!

I couldn’t muster a word, stammering quite speechless
His easy laugh and smiling face made me breathless
Who knew our first meeting would bind us together
With marriage vows and promises to stay forever
We met again and again, rhapsodic  love had blossomed so deep
It tore my soul apart ,imagining him away from me
We pledged to be together, shaded by a cheliferous night
Family and friends, praying at a ceremony quite grand

Marriage was obvious, it would seal our love
No matter what change it bought, to the cynosure of my eyes
Surprising and unfamiliar, relationships adapt with time
Opposing voices and personalities, but still quite divine

The paradox is obvious, still quite mysterious
Understanding by nature, but still misunderstood so easily?
Regarded quite an extrovert, but still behaving so queerly?
Questions are more, answers yet to be found
What makes differences suddenly so profound?

Racked my brains, spent days in introspection
Finally arrived at a practical solution
No more moist cheeks, no unctuous tones
A full stop to the puerile tears and phones

I am trying to understand his needs, he is learning to better love me
Our gaps are being closed, with some cute love notes…
When marriages turn mellifluous, it’s time for love to follow
Redolent and deep, its needs are not overshadowed

I help and serve my husband, it’s not a deliberate chore 
Increases his energy, eases out our load
Conveys unsaid words, shows him that I care
Trying to bend stereotypes isn’t a regular nightmare.

Little things they say break up a marriage
But it’s the institution we cannot disparage
It’s my attention to details and gratitude
Which dissolves his sorrow with fortitude
I iron his clothes, still do the dishes
Surprising his appetite with delectable dishes!
I don’t get tired of him, nor does he demand more
Our clouds of love, forever they soar

Before our journey began, hiraeth had persisted
Had a life I loved, but an ikigai missed it
Moulded a plan for life, waiting with open arms
For one day he would arrive to complement my charms

So intertwined are our lives, inseparable we have become
A little honesty and romance, he never lets me succumb

I listen to him as a habit, it’s not too difficult now
Communication and trust, arriving finally in tow
Add some magic and mystery to the daily grind and see
What becomes of a doubtful marriage, as with David and me

Adeeba Riaz

About the Author

Adeeba Riaz

Hi, I am Adeeba.I’m a freelance writer and a full time mom who likes writing intriguing stories and poems. I love leading my readers on an escape from everyday life. Nature is my inspiration and I firmly believe that self confidence is a key to success. My educational background includes an MTech in Computer Science and Engineering. I have a B.E. in Computer Science from M.J. College in Hyderabad, India. I have a research article on machine learning to my credit on IJEIR journal for Engineering research. Art mesmerizes me and reading fiction is my hobby.

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