Love is Blind

I am Meenakshi Gayan, I have just completed my studies in engineering and started working. My boyfriend of three years Rajeev Acharya is still studying, actually trying to complete his graduation for last three years. He was disqualified from his college as he was not being able to clear his subjects.

In fact, he has no interest in studies and he has taken a break from studies. I fell for him as he seems to be a happy go lucky person, with no worries or any stress. Maybe his carefree attitude made me attracted to him. The only thing I knew about him is his name, and he was studying interior designing and that too because his parents wanted him to study.

Though he was aimless but I admired him…..

I met his parent immediately after my graduation and took up a new job, his parents were lovely and were concerned about his future. I still remember his father telling, “Are you sure you can manage with my boy lifelong?” Though he is my son still I will tell you to think twice before you make up your mind to get married. He is my youngest son with a rich heart inside, a good human being but let me warn you it will be a hard life for you.

His father further told me, look at my house it is too small one side is of my elder son who is married and this other side I occupy, if you plan to stay with us then both of you have to stay upstairs, I have to renovate it and that will be the end of my responsibility.

Life was easy I thought until my father met him. My father said no doubt he is a well-behaved person but not yet eligible for you. I suggest both of you to concentrate on your career and think further. So, I suggested Rajeev to begin his studies, as he did not complete his courses in interiors, therefore, to complete his graduation in commerce at least.

Be aware while elders warn you…..

I remember a common friend of mine who slowly started hating me, I think the reason was my relationship with Rajeev. Her mother after knowing the matter said, “How can a girl like Meenakshi fall for a boy like Rajeev?” I was confident that Rajeev wants to change and will change himself.

After a lot of struggle, Rajeev was able to complete his studies and took up a job with basic salary. I was then promoted from a fresher to an assistant position, at any cost I wanted him somehow and somewhere. There was a belief that he respected and loved me.

Calls that time were expensive so to maintain the calls credit for month we wouldn’t talk for hours and try to keep it sane to save money for our future.

Due to my job profile, we were able to meet up only on Sundays and I wanted me to improve my job skills so planned to go for my classes as well as meet him and when I return home. He never came to meet me, it was I who always took the initiative thinking that he might be uncomfortable somewhere. But while returning back he used to drop me home.

Days were growing busier talking over phones after the whole day of tiring work for both of us became difficult.

I use to feel guilty, maybe I am not able to work on the relations, Sundays were getting occupied and so I use to request him to meet me on Saturdays after my office, but he denied coming. Slowly the commitment was lacking in the relationship, after returning back home whenever I tried to call him, only one answer I used to get from him” I am busy with my friends, will call you later” but he never called.

Once I managed to call him and went to spend my whole day with his parents, a good home lunch by his mother, even they were happy to see me but again the signs of worry started showing.

Suddenly while Rajeev was not around his father said: “Once again I am saying you are spoiling your life, you have a bright future ahead and this should be your last step in our house”. I wondered at his father’s words and said bye to them and asked Rajeev to drop home, he denied saying “there is a problem in the bus route so let me see whether I can find any autorickshaw or taxi for you”. How can anyone just drop you anywhere when you know that there is a problem in your way. Still, I said come along he said it will be difficult for me to return back while a phone rings, it was his old friend Rana who was waiting for him and so he was not ready to drop me.

I understood and silently went home, my mother said Rajeev’s father called up and asked you not to go to their place again, my mother felt it quite harsh as how they can stop the relation all of a sudden?

Your commitment comes to an end…..

I know why his father asked me to end up the relation. The reason is he was a drug addict, night after night returning from his job he use to sit back with his friends drink alcohol and had drugs. No earnings from his job were given to his father, so when he looked out for the reason, he found that drugs have finished him.

Ah! Life became too hard, it was hard forgetting him but struggled hard looking into the eyes of my parents being a single daughter to give up the relation as I am their life.

Rajeev is lost somewhere I don’t find him anywhere, though I tried to find him from far, into different social media or from his friends they avoid talking about him anymore.

Love is blind, it never sees any good or bad just flows with the feelings for each other, but the bitter truth is the worst phase of friendship and friends has ruled over the love relation that I was unable to protect throughout, though it is trust and love that is required, our relation lacked it.

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