Husband and Wife Relationship

She felt the blood gush through her veins when she first saw him and it was then that she realized that he wasn’t the one whom she would just roam around but someone who would set her right, love her and make her his queen. That soft rhythmic movement inside her chest was something she couldn’t help and the inevitable happened. He was shy or nervous maybe and so was she but that promise she made to him a night before was the first one she kept and now there are thousands more to keep; making him feel relaxed until he looked deep into her eyes and found his lost world. She could feel the heat within when he first grabbed her waist bringing her close enough that she for a moment was lost; lost in his eyes, lost in HIM. An implosion that it was about to happen and all she could do was close her eyes and submit herself to HIM and when those hands soaked in to her shirt she began fumbling trying to find a balance between her brain saying no and that wrist sized red matter inside her chest saying “HE IS THE ONE, TRUST HIM”. What was there to doubt about, the latter had to win.

The heavy drops from the sky outside ricocheted onto the glass pane, it was a confounding Tuesday, as it was preceded by an unusual sunny Monday. Was it that it rained just coz they met? Well maybe, its been happening ever since. The gust of wind snatched away her senses when she found herself in a state she never before saw and all she could do was close her eyes and feel him over her. She mumbled and he held her hand through those fingers making her faith more strong than ever. Now she was HIS; her mind, her soul and that whole body. “Please don’t ever leave me and yes you will never be alone now” were the only words she could utter and it somehow punctured into his skin and took refuge inside when she knelt down on her knees not knowing how much he loved it. From the pain in his heart to that heaviness in his breath that existed since years, he lost everything. An eternity seemed like a minute to cover; how easy they made each other’s lives, how sorted and how meaningful. The rains had now crossed the threshold of the “pleasant” and she could feel that light coming inside her heart making her more vibrant than ever. The time had come to leave and there was silence on their lips and peace in their mind, minds disagreed to leave the place. It should have been gratitude but other emotions did violently whirl and she hugged him once again and said: “I LOVE YOU”. Amidst all this they noticed a vehicle that had recently halted in their vicinity to pick her up; she was about to leave. A wide smile grew on their face, like how the sun ennobles the sleeping sunflower; radiant, resplendent and enchanting. He stood there waving at her and she turned back to just look at his face once and maybe that was the “Moment” which connected their hearts and now they tend to remain seized forever.

Husband and Wife Relationship

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