Motherhood after marriage

Being a mother is definitely one of the best feelings in the universe. It is when a women considers herself complete. Without motherhood, you would never understand the meaning of true love and bliss. The kind of love that you feel within when you hear the first cry of the child or at her first look is just love in its truest form and is beyond all measures. Mothers are the most precious gifts that the deity has bestowed upon mankind. God could not have had any better creation than mother. Every step you take, every move you make, you know there is someone for you. When the whole world turns against you, may be even when your husband or your wife betrays you, you know there is this one person, under whose love and care, no matter how deep the pain is, the world would still feel heaven, the burden would lighten and you would feel safe, and that is none other than your mother.

The general stereotype in this society that has existed since ages is a couple marrying off to expand their family and bring glory to the clan. This is something that would never change no matter how modernized or advanced the society becomes. But what if the woman you married cannot conceive? What if your husband is incapable of giving you a child?

The general trend in the society would be series of blames, hatred, venom spit on each other, the families and specifically to the woman. But is it worth it? Does one really need to conceive to feel and achieve motherhood? An open mind set and practical approach is more than enough to bring the desired change in the society. One does not really need to be married in the first place to experience motherhood. And this is no shame rather a moment of pride, if one has the guts to take such a bold step.

Every year, thousands of orphans die due to lack of care and family. One adoption each can not only change their lives but can highly change yours as well. A married lady can experience motherhood and relive her dream of being a mother. As a single mother, you can give a good life to an abandoned baby and change his future and eventually yours as well. Adoption is bliss. For those who have not experienced it or have not been able to pick enough guts to opt for it are cowards. You are not only giving someone a good life but also setting a bright example to the society.

There are thousands of examples out there in the society where even physically fit couples opted not to have kids but rather enjoy the bliss of adoption. For those families who break marriages and ties on the name of a child, there isn’t any bigger evil than you. You need to dig your head out of the mud and accept change. A bond being broken shatters the wellbeing of not just the couple involved but all of those who are somehow connected to them.

Motherhood is a gift and a mere capability of giving birth or not being able to give birth cannot take that away from you. You need to be strong enough to take the right decision and welcome the bundle of happiness into your lives. Life cannot get any better than this when you have a child in it and that too one such child who probably needed your affection, love and care the most. Embrace the change, strengthen your nuptial bonds and adopt. You would be a living example of change in the society. Who knows there would come a day when each abandoned child has a loving home and parents to take care of them? Who knows a day would come when these bundle of joys would not need to struggle and face the hardships all alone and can smile freely and let that smile radiate your life as well?

“However motherhood comes to you, is a miracle, embrace and love it.”

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