New beginnings

Is it time I should get married?”
“How do some people get somebody so good while some don’t?”.
“Mmmmm. Should I really meet the guys my mom wants me to?”
“Or should I focus on my work more?”

And many more should I’s and should I not’s kept popping up from my brain sending signals to my heart which my heart seemed to reject as spam back to my brain. I didn’t just want to lose my freedom and get settled this soon. Well, it was soon for me but obviously late for my relatives and a few friends who already had been married and were having babies one amongst a few kept awakening me every now and then that it was the time I get married.

While I felt it was just that I had ushered into the era of being married, a friend of mine kept popping up the question to me mostly to which I procrastinated and easily kept away because Marriage was easily nothing more than a stage of life to me and not an end to it.
A lot was going on in my life that was just so incredibly good. I was doing wonderfully at work that I had worked so hard to get and was accomplishing it. I knew when the right time would come, things will happen. I was the kinda person who just didn’t force things to happen just because a few others were planning it for me. I knew life goes best with the flow.

Okay, so where were we? Right! Between the conflicts of mind and brain arguing on those questions. Yeah.
So, I was all engrossed when my phone beeped a notification of a particular profile ID showing interest on me in a matrimonial website. Although receiving one or two interests daily wasn’t a big deal but there was something about this one. Firstly I got this when I actually was struggling with my thoughts springing up like toads and frogs do in rains. Secondly, my mom was so in a hurry to make me meet some guys she had looked for me. Lastly and most importantly, that guy in the profile for whatever reason clicked to my mind. He looked simple and humble by looks, seemed to have a decent job and a well to do the family background. I kinda wanted to accept this request and so I did.

The very next moment that I clicked on to ‘Ok’ to accept him, I got an app message from him saying a courtesy ‘Hi‘, to which I did not reply abruptly. “Is he a desperate?” Or “what’s so bad in a Hi ?” I finally replied to him a “Hi, how are you doing?”

And that started to an uninvited fear of talking to somebody I didn’t Know. But-but-but I had to take a call to know him. My thoughts struggling in my head and ‘yes or no’ playing a hide and seek, I finally started to reciprocate. Soon, my doorbell rang and I rushed downstairs from my terrace. I had a courier from an old friend of mine only to remind me of her wedding date arriving soon. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it up to her D’day but I was super happy for her for I knew how happy and excited creature she had become after her marriage got fixed. She’d tell me things every now and then and the proceedings and the probabilities and all the etc.

Okay, so while I was busy in all this, I was disturbed or rather drawn attention towards my blinking phone, only to remind me of the incomplete conversation in the midst of which I had left him. I couldn’t believe it, he had been there waiting for me to carry on with our newly growing chemistry if I can term it so. I don’t understand how that strangeness turned into companionship in the very first day and we seemed like hell lot comfortable with each other. Needless to say, we tried to keep up the spark and he kept the conversation alive by asking me my favourite stuff. I don’t really remember after how long somebody had asked for my favourite colour. Lol.

So, it was kinda cute and innocent. And a simple man was all I had started wanting by now in life. When you reach a little maturity in life, you are sick of all the unseen and unwanted dramas and you want to cut the crap out and live it easy. I’d been seeing a wide variety of people around me in peers and at the office and a simple and humble man is the need of the hour. Do I sound desperate? Mmmmm. Don’t know. But I did want this one. And this guy was different. Not like those different that are all the same. He was different and when I say different, I do mean different. Talking to him seemed so easy and so effortless. I could be absolute myself and not be judged at all. I think we talked like this for a week maybe. He kept asking me for talking over the phone and I kept ignoring him for this and when he’d be adamant, I’d make it funny saying that “I possessed a sweet Voice” to which he’d react a “hahaha“.

One fine day, his dad called up my dad and spoke the much-needed affairs. As this was a matrimonial alliance, so it was to go in the arranged manner. It was good that we kinda got to know each other a bit and knew a bit before we’d meet up. To turn that awkwardness into belongingness, this was a good choice to do. The families had a talk and they settled up for a tiny get together around the outskirts of my city and they’d travel down to our place for the same. We were both pretty excited but I kept telling him “Let’s not talk, what if we don’t choose each other. Let’s just stop now. ” And he’d say to this, “why don’t we? We get along so well. Let’s see and let’s continue till then”.

I couldn’t say “No” anymore and we kept texting and knowing and understanding and exploring. I’d make fun of him sharing pictures of other guys I like from the matrimonial service and he’d be jealous and insecure as to why I am not sure about him and what makes me look for options.

I didn’t tell him that I was pretty sure about him for how much I know him and we’d do well in life. But making fun was what we got along so well in. He kept flaunting his likingness among girls and how he rejects some of the girls daily just for me to which I had a speechless sarcastic reaction as I couldn’t take his weirdos anymore and was helplessly laughing and wondering how he manages to be so good at these nonsenses.

And yeah, so we both kinda flaunted our huge queues of guys and girls we have on our list to make each other go weak and irritated. This was our daily business. He kept asking for my pictures and gave none of his, with a polite justification that he hardly clicks them much which I could anyway understand judging him to be a very workaholic and decent guy and whenever he’d send me any after those wars and battles between us. Moreover, from my side, the level of simplicity and cuteness in those pictures would simply melt me to be happy to know this extremely good man.

So, the D’day finally arrived when we had to meet. And we finally had this confrontation. He was simple as expected. I was sophisticated as known. And the match was clearly a hit. That moment we saw each other in person and that was when something magical happened. They say when you fall for someone, you get to hear those guitars and violins and we did experience them. He was charmed by my aura and I was swayed away by this overly sensitive heart that this man wears.
People are miracles and we should believe that they can happen to us.
He was finally happening to me when I had least expected anybody of that kind in my life. And I could see that beautiful wide smile all across our family members. What else could you ask for?

Before even conversing in person, our eyes met each other millions of times battling against each other not to leave those glances. The hearts had already become one. Soulmates! I do believe in them. For I could see that one right in front of me. My soul had already flown to him asking for his to be mine.

We kept seeing each other just plainly staring into our eyes and his promised mine of a love story that had already begun growing to be an eternal one.
And it was time to start dreaming new dreams together.
So, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings.

A soft voice into my ears saying, “Let’s start a new story“, he gently held my hands and a gentle stroke of my my hair brushing the blush on my cheeks, the redness of which had already confirmed him of my similar intentions which I kept numb on. And…

Our fairytale began right there..

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