New beginnings

“Is it time I should get married?” “How do some people get somebody so good while some don’t?”. “Mmmmm. Should I really meet the guys my mom wants me to?” “Or should I focus on my work more?” And many more should I’s and should I not’s kept popping up from my brain sending signals […]

Lost and found

“Will you marry me?” Asked Gaurav, a colleague of mine. We had been working in the same organisation but in different verticals and seen each other for a while now but not really talked a lot. I was astonished at it. He didn’t even ask me if I liked him or there was a certain […]

Being married and still dreaming

Weddings are the holiest and the most awaited ceremony in an Indian home. Similar was ours. The grandeur setups and wedding harassments, relatives’ rush, and every sort of hectic twists and turns happened that could bring hurricane in the life of a peaceful person. And then in a few days, we finally shifted to Kolkata and […]