Planned for marriage but its canceled due to false reasons

My chosen one girl for me she looks pretty and wonderful, she was my friend we use to talk in phone. I too like her my mom also liked her. So my mom asked to that girl regarding our our marriage proposal to discuss with girls parents their parents also accepted me as her future husband for their girl. But some one told that am not a good person i have affair with 3 girls like that and all so everything is canceled but what they heard it totally false that girl also knows about it that but her parents are not willing to give their girls please help me i want to marry that girl i love her most.

1 thought on “Planned for marriage but its canceled due to false reasons”

  1. Adeeba Riaz

    Hi, it is very sad to hear that you are unable to convince your partner’s parents due to the lies that has been projected about you.
    Coming to the good part, your girl still trusts you and she can help you out in clearing the confusion and misunderstanding created in your relationship level.
    The first thing you must do is try to get to know who spread that wrong message to her parents to malign your image in front of them.
    If at all you are able to get hold of that person, force them to tell the names the 3 girls they are alleging that you are having affairs with.
    1)If they are able to provide solid evidence(like their image, phone number etc), then you can prove that you don’t even know them by calling them up in front of your partner’s parents.
    2)If they are not able to provide such evidence, it will obviously mean that they were lying and trying to malign your image deliberately.
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