Top 5 Secrets of Happily Married Working Couples

Travel, office meetings, busy work schedules, late-night meetings and the list goes on and ends at stress, insomnia, depression, and a dissatisfied marriage.

Yes, this is the story of the married couples who are just unable to take out time for each other and enjoy their romantic moments in peace without an official call ringing at the most unlikely time.
It takes forever to perfect the balancing act of contrasting work schedules, timings to come home in vain to find your partner still struggling with their usual traffic or work-related woes.

So, how do you try to squeeze in time for yourself and your partner like a normal couple?
Seems difficult but it is not totally impossible. Firstly, you should try to accept the fact that you two had chosen to go the “two-career “ couples way with each other’s full knowledge.
Trying to expect exclusive and lavish romantic date preparations and long drives is not at all justified.
This brings us to point number one,

1) Manage expectations practically

No wonder marriage life and personal time seem such a struggle with the tight schedules and puffy eyes.But, trying to steer clear of any unsaid and impractical expectations is the first step towards marital success for couples suffering from this “no-time-for-love” syndrome!
Steering clear of any self-assumptions about the daily routine and ways of working is the first step. Discuss ,plan and coordinate with each other to achieve your daily goals like household chores, child care , cleaning, laundy,appointments and more to know how much time you really have at hand to enjoy each other’s precious company.

2) Book Appointments with each other

Use your corporate lifestyle and ethics to the fullest to carve out undisturbed time for yourselves.Most busy and working people swear by their calendars, appointment apps and schedulers to keep up with those never ending meetings. So, why not book an appointment for your spouse and take them by surprise with some elaborate office romantic décor…

3) Blend your professional and personal life

This advice is only for those couples who are desperately struggling to find time for each other. What better than having your partner getting introduced to your co-workers and boss to help them feel at home in the office too.
Surprise your spouse with a lunch date at your office or arrive before their event or seminar starts to have them jump up in joy.
If the two of you work in the same company then that is like an icing on the cake. Availing family benefit options, child care, creches and babysitters while you juggle your work is a good way to stay together as a unit.

4) Don’t choose work over your partner

Yes, it may seem very alluring to work for an extra hour or even stay overnight to gain a lead in your upcoming project. But , sometimes it is better to let the work front stay still and not over ambitious when it concerns your time with your spouse. You don’t want to break their heart at the last moment with those disturbing calls in the middle of your private time.Always remember that your promotion or project can wait one more day but not your angry spouse.

5) Destress with some vacation time

It is all the more easy for planning out a vacation since you can know for sure when you will be able to assemble all your permissible leaves according to the workload that your job requires. Gather all your monthly leaves to set out for a small trip to a nearby town or a resort. Planning a cool family trip after discussing with your partner about their leave permits can become an instant hit.

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