Some engagement experiences!

Couple holding hands with wedding ring in it

Have you ever daydreamed about being the other half of all those fictional characters who never fail to make you go weak in your knees? Aren’t they the definition of perfection? The way they love, the way they express and the way they are, makes one believe in the word love and it would not be wrong if you really wished to have somebody like that in your real life. Everybody wishes those characters to come alive and building fantasies about them are all that remains when you fail to find such perfection in real life. However, when you find Love in reality, even though you have high standards due to those fictional characters, your definition of perfection somehow changes. No longer do you expect them to be perfect because their raw self is enough to sweep you off your feet. The feeling of finding them is way too overwhelming to allow you to find faults in a person. Isn’t this how people should be? Loving more than complaining and accepting more than expecting.

Talking about finding someone, it is perhaps the most overwhelming feeling ever. You may have spent years with that person unaware of the fact that he/she is the one for you and the other times it could be just one meeting that may decide your fate. However it is, it is always an unbelievable experience to see how that person will be a part of your future, a reason behind your happiness and the one who you will call your better half. It definitely feels like a dream because it is too good to seem true. Nonetheless, it is true and you are lucky enough to find a soul who will stick by your side in all your good and bad times.

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This moment of finding someone gives a green signal to all the beautiful and different kind of experiences in your life. The most period being the one from your engagement to your wedding day. No doubt life will be mesmerising after the wedding, maybe even more beautiful, but this engagement period is different and will always be a special part of your life.

If you are amongst the ones whose marriage is arranged, it will be the period where you experience things that you probably wouldn’t have experienced in your prior relationships (if any) because this person is someone who you have chosen as your life partner and that happens only if you have really found them special. Engagement period is equally great for the lovebirds because this is when you officially declare your bond that the world may not be aware of till now. It is like showing the treasure you have in your life and cherishing every bit of it.

Maybe your to-be-better half is not the perfect fictional characters, but they are definitely the ones who would deal with you for the whole life, who will stick by you and love you unconditionally, selflessly. This engagement period helps you to know them better, to make them your home. It is important for it brings you both closer to each other. It is an important part of your life and that is why one can never get enough of this period.

Couple holding hands with wedding ring in it

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Here are few things that you experience after you are engaged to somebody-

  1. Nervousness is what you feel the most.

No matter what it is, love marriage or arrange marriage, nervousness will never leave you after you get engaged. It is that tingling feeling of joy and nervousness that will always be present. It is not the kind of nervousness that makes you worry, but the kind that will be because you are happy and you only wish to make everything perfect for each other.

  1. Feeling of joy, real joy!

Who doesn’t like to know that they have somebody who is head over heels for them? Who doesn’t like to know that they have a beautiful person beside them in all the circumstances to make them smile, to love them? Everybody does! The joy of belonging to somebody is something that is hard to put in words. The last minute you were somebody else and now, the next minute you are a part of somebody’s life. People say things change, they definitely do, but this change is perhaps what you had been waiting for so long and it is something that won’t bother you.

Overwhelmed. Thankful.

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  1. You suddenly change.

Every relationship changes you a bit and now that it is the one that’s going to be forever, the change is going to be really big. Worry not, it will be positive. If you are the one who never believed in adjustments, compromises and sacrificing, maybe now you will. This change won’t be out of somebody forcing you, but out of love. Out of love, you will see yourself doing things that you never thought you would do. This Love will make your bond stronger than ever.

  1. Their interests becomes your interests too.

If you hate watching movies and never bothered to remember special dates, mind you, you will soon see yourself doing that. You will see getting interested in things that you never paid heed too. You’ll do all of the new things only to make the other one happy. This is not going to be a compromise, but something out of love. That’s the way people develop strong bonds with each other. A little bit of understanding, being selfless and being a part of each other’s happiness and sadness, that is all you need to do to get along with each other after your engagement.

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  1. Full of surprises!

Engagement period is full of surprises, not only planning surprises for them but receiving surprises too. It is all about making each other special. Full of dates and outings, this period is when your bond grows from a little seed to a plant with beautiful flowers. This period is when you know about each other the most, their likes and dislikes, their heart and soul.

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  1. Some new habits and behaviors and a little bit of bewilderment.

Not only do you surprise each other with perfect dates, but with your behavior and habits too. Some days you could be the perfect one for each other while others, a few opposite thoughts and opinions could leave you bewildered. It could be a little difficult at times but that is when you learn to understand each other perfectly. The way you get out of that situation will make your bond even stronger.

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  1. Gifts are not something very uncommon.

The one that you truly love will be somebody who you will always pamper with all the love and care. Going out of the way will be your normal way. Gifts and little surprises will be a normal thing. All these little things are what that makes you believe in the beauty of love. These are what will make you fall for the other person all over again. Be it going on knees for each other or cooking the other one’s favorite dishes, it will be beautiful. Beautiful than ever.

you pretty much the only thing that wants me to wake up every morning

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  1. Getting enough of each other? Well, that can never be true!

I have seen people talking about how they can never get enough of each other. Well, how can it be wrong for this beautiful emotions involves Love and humans, not things that you can get enough of and then find something new for entertainment. This beautiful emotion is way ahead than this materialistic world. It will be never weird if you come across the feeling where you miss the other one the moment you leave each other for work. Nothing can be enough and this feeling is really common but beautiful.

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These are few things amongst many that one experiences during the period before their wedding. It is like a fairy tale, a beautiful journey that makes your sky prettier than ever.

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