SOULMATES: Do They Exist ? And the Etc.

Finding your Soulmate remains a mystery all your life. Everybody wants to meet their soulmate early in life. Spiritually speaking, it is said that even before you were born, the name of your spiritual half has been determined. Each soul has a perfect match.. your soulmate. Although most people think of a soulmate as a perfect harmonious union of bliss, your true spiritual soulmate is the person who is intended to help you “complete yourself.” 

A person is unable to complete his mission in life alone. Everyone needs someone to help them become a better person. This is not always a blissful experience. Being in an honest, sincere, and committed soulmate relationship helps you to become a better version of yourself and to find your better self.

Even though we tend to think of soul mates as a symbiotic union; soulmate relationships can be rough at the beginning. They can be like two jagged edged puzzle pieces trying to click into place. Sometimes it looks like you do not fit together at all, but soon after a little bit of twisting, turning, and flipping the pieces around, you feel the moment of the perfect click. It’s a feeling deep in your soul, that says, this is the right one.

Often soulmates appear in disguise. You might not be physically attracted to each other when you first meet, but there is a mysterious force pushing you forward that tells you this is “the right one” for you.

Soul mates. They’re complicated. And I think we’re thinking about them all wrong. We’ll probably talk here all about Soulmates that you didn’t know….

Jason Wachob in his article in Mind Body Green believes that there are three different types of soul mates; two that are romantic and one that’s non-romantic.

The first kind of soul mate is the romantic kind that you aren’t meant to be with forever but that delivers powerful lessons. These soul mates tend to be the most in influential teachers in our lives. They’re the ones that provide the heartache, the ones that don’t work out and aren’t meant to work out. They bring out the best in you, not the worst. You and your partner are both happy with your true selves, and together you make each other even happier. In this ideal scenario when you’re together, one plus one doesn’t equal two, it equals three.

The second kind of soulmate is the one that makes you better, the one that allows you to be your true self and to feel comfortable in a way you probably felt only when you were a small child. This soul mate lets you be you and helps you be your most authentic self. You meet each other precisely when you’re both ready, not a moment before or a moment after. The expression “timing is everything” is especially true with this kind of soul mate.

The third type is a platonic friend with whom you are always connected to and feel you can share your innermost thoughts and emotions. But there’s no romance! We all have these good friends; in fact, most of us have experienced many of them in our lifetime. They’re the people who you haven’t seen or spoken to in weeks, months, or years—but whenever you do see or speak to each other, you pick up wherever you left off, as if neither of you had missed a beat. They’re also the ones who you connect with very deeply and frequently for a period in your life. Sometimes the two of you grow apart, or someone moves away or has a life event that distances you. Other times you’ll remain lifelong close friends, even if you see each other only once or twice a year.

So, if you are brave enough to move away from your romance checklist, open your eyes and your heart to unexpected possiblities, you might just be one of the lucky ones who finds their true soul match.

You know you’ve found your soulmate when:

You just know it.

Something deep inside tells you this is the perfect one for you. It’s as if there is a spiritual force pushing you to let go of everything you previously expected and to give of yourself completely.

 You have crossed paths before.

Soulmates have met each other and a previous time. You may not have connected, but you were in the same place, at the same time. Before my husband and I met, we lived across the street from each other and worked across the street from each other. Yet we never met until the time was right.

Your souls meet at the right time.

Each person has to be ready to receive the soul connection. Even though my husband and I were in close proximity of each other for many years, we did not meet until the time was right for both of us. You have to be prepared to meet your soulmate. It could be that you have to go through a relationship that doesn’t work out, or that you’re not ready to ditch your “perfect person checklist,” but when it comes to soulmates- timing is everything.

Your quiet space is a peaceful place.

Being quiet together is comforting like a fluffy down blanket on a cold winter night. Whether you are reading in the same room, or driving in the car, there’s a quiet peace between you.

 You can hear the other person’s silent thoughts.

With soulmates, there is such depth to your relationship that you can feel and hear what your partner is thinking, even if it is not verbally expressed.

 You feel each other’s pain.

You stand in each other’s shoes. You know each other so well, that the second he walks in the door, you can tell how his day was. You feel each other’s feelings: sadness, worry, and stress. And you share each other’s happiness and joy.

 You know each other’s flaws and the benefits in them.

Yes, it’s true. Our flaws have benefits. Every trait has a positive as well as a negative side. It’s the task of each person to always look for the good, even when things don’t look so good. There is usually a benefit to each flaw. Stubborn people are good decision makers. Overly organized people are great at paying bills on time.

 You share the same life goals.

You’re both on the same page with values, ethics, and goals. You may have a different way of reaching those goals, but you both want the same end result.

You’re not afraid of having a conversation.

Conversations can be challenging. Expressing concerns or attempting to make decisions is uncomfortable. Soulmates know that if they join together, they will be able to work it out.

 You don’t experience jealousy.

Pretty girls at the office or handsome personal trainers aren’t a threat to your relationship.You are secure knowing that you are the only one.

You respect each other’s differences and opinions.

Often soulmates are polar opposite. At times this is challenging. These are the times when you are being forced to let the other person complete you. You still have your own opinion, but instead of agreeing to disagree, there is a deep level of respect for each other. You listen and honor the differences.

 You don’t scream, curse, or threaten each other with divorce.

Of course you feel the anger. People unintentionally hurt each other. But soulmates aren’t nasty, hurtful, or punitive.

 You give in because you want to make your partner happy.

Giving can often occur in unhealthy, co-dependent, or abusive relationships. But soulmates give to each other for the sole purpose of making each other happy.

 You know how to apologize.

It’s not easy to say “I’m sorry” or admit that you did something that hurt the person you love. Soulmates realize that their actions or words cause harm. Even if they feel justified in their point of view, if their partner was hurt by it, they can easily apologize for the harm they have caused.

You would marry each other again.

You know this is the one and only one for you. Even through the tough times, you would choose your partner again. You feel a sense of pride in your partner.

You complete each other.

Yes, I’m sorry to say it but, your partner fills in your blanks. No person is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Soulmates complete each other. It’s the yin and yang of perfect harmony. Soulmates are often opposite that are attracted to a person who has their missing pieces.

Being  with each other washes away all your stress and anxiety.

There is no place you’d rather be at the end of the day but with each other. If you had a rough day filled with disagreements, a fight with your boss or if you missed the train, whatever happened is gone the second you cuddle up together. There is a warmth in your heart, an inner peace you can feel.

A soulmate is not just your spouse or life partner. They can be anyone at any point of time and for any point of time in life. This is how our own definition of soulmates go wrong from the universal fact . It is important to know the difference between the two. It might often be true that both happens to be the same person in your life.

   Soulmate Relationship

You feel a deep, spiritual connection to this person almost like you have known them for a long time.

You have flashbacks  moments where you feel that you have been together before.

You seem to understand each other and have a similar way of thinking.

Your connection is intense and so too is the relationship. Often it can move from extreme highs to    extreme lows.

You feel in sync with each other even when you are not physically together. There may be a feeling of having to team up together to conquer something.

You know intuitively what the other is thinking or feeling. You feel very in-tune and connected with their thoughts and actions.

Your relationship is emotional, challenging and can bring things out in you that you didn’t know existed.

You may experience huge shifts and changes in your life when you first meet this person.

Your relationship may not last forever but the love is always there.

Life Partner Relationship

You feel attracted to each other physically and resonate with each others values.

You enjoy getting to know each other and learn about your differences and similarities- everything about each other feels new and exciting.

You get along like best friends- your relationship does not suffer from extremes.

Your relationship is based on logical or intellectual decisions.

You resonate with each others beliefs, ideas or religion/philosophy.

You both feel a sense of financial and emotional stability by being together.

Your relationship is based on being physically present and creating new memories.

You feel the need to marry or start a family in order to ‘cement’ your relationship.

With Soulmates, no words need to be spoken. All that exists is the silent, blissful union of two souls together. Two souls that were meant to be together eternally. You look each other in the eye. Soulmates have a tendency to look into each other’s eyes when speaking more often than ordinary couples. It comes naturally from the deep-seated connection between them. Looking a person in the eye when speaking denotes a high level of comfort and confidence. Whether you’re designed by the universe to be soulmates or two loving people who have settled for each other’s strengths and weaknesses, the decision is yours. To be with your soulmate is one of the precious treasures of life.

And if you feel you’ve found your heart’s other half, I wish you endless days of joy and laughter, and countless nights of deep embrace, unraveling the mysteries of the universe one by one. Wish you ‘Happy Soulmateship !’

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