Ten signs you have hit the marriage jackpot

Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife-Franz Schubert

Calling all those ladies who are desperate to understand your marriage and size up your guy with a few simple ticks.
This is a fun checklist, not a decisive one which can be interpreted differently by every woman when it comes to the level of commitment, expectations and how your needs are met.

1) He says he loves you every day

Women and men have completely opposite ways of expressing love and concepts of romance. Often, women need a reassurance and reminders that they are being loved , mostly verbally. Men find this behavior a tad bit too much and complain that is not saying it one time enough for a lifetime?
But, if you are the lucky woman who is surprised with “I love you” messages and words every now and then, may God bless your husband!

2) You are his Top Priority

Marriage and babies often do not go hand in hand! But, if you are still cared for with a romantic night out or a spa day when you are stressed out, you are too damn lucky.
If he often postpones his meetings or flies over just to see you smile, then your marriage is in top class condition!

3) Boring is never boring

He can make a dull day seem so energetic and a boring task so much fun. He can sing to you while you do the dishes or bake you a sweet little (or burnt little) cupcake while you make dinner. If you can go on and on about how he never misses a moment to be with you and turn boredom to excitement, then I am jealous!

4) He is a hard worker

He spends extra hours trying to gain those fast paying projects or returns late in the night , dunking down coffee for not falling asleep.
You often don’t need to worry about those tiresome chores since he is always helping around whenever possible . So, stop complaining about him returning late from work everyday since he is doing it for your better future.

5) He loves his mother

Ok, so we are not talking about those men who blindly trust their mother and turn a blind eye towards their wives. A true gentleman loves his mother and respects her for her sacrifices and her upbringing while loving and caring for his wife without any issues.
Seems too far-fetched, but if your man fits the bill then you are among the top lucky women of today!
A delicate balance is required to be struck between the two most important women of his life, he does that with elan.

6) He is your friend in need

He rescues you out of troublesome situations and curses those spammers who give annoying calls during the night. He is your best friend and can sacrifice his time and peace of mind for lifting your spirits. Does he not fit the bill of a true friend in need so seamlessly?

7) He compliments you often

He never tires of complimenting your looks or your baby bump! He always tells you how amazing you look and smell after a shower or when you get up. He blushes when he sees you getting ready for him and floors you with his cute romance.
Yeah, you got me right, you are one blessed woman.

8) Never fails to surprise

You had a very hard day at work and he arrived to greet you with a bouquet of fresh flowers or have lunch with you in office.
Your child was having tantrums and flinging things around to grab your attention and he appears like a genie with that magical toy in his hand to stop the crying.
Surprises like these can be really relieving, especially when you are alone and dealing with the household and children.
So, full marks to your man on this quality since every woman needs this one quality desperately.

9) He pushes you towards your dreams

He tries to grab every opportunity to give you a boost when you doubt your career decisions seem not right . When you are bogged down with the unending responsibilities and lose hope and find no escape, he comes up with a good solution to ease out the stress. He loves you totally and can never see you fail when it comes to pursuing your dreams. He is the man you can trust after your father when it comes to your well-being and future, so congratulations on that.

10) Respects you as a woman

When it comes to the battle of the sexes and the common stereotypes regarding who should do what, he never fails to impress you. He treats the women in his life with respect and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your sense of self-worth, respect and honor. A truly rare quality and the one admired by every woman on this Earth.

So, take you pens out and jot down what comes to your immediately when it comes your man. It may seem that you are missing on most points when it comes to the good qualities but try to think about those good qualities which are not mentioned in this list. Every couple is rare in terms of their chemistry, their inhibitions, way of expressing love and love story.

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