That bad boy called LOVE!

That drugged feeling of being on a constant high, crazy fixation to someone, heart skipping a beat, getting the flutters, butterflies, feelings of being dazed-beautifully tranced. None of which ever seems to tire us or wear us out. In fact there is always a longing for more and that more is just never enough.

Does that ring a bell? All of the above feels so familiar, doesn’t it?

I am yet to come across someone who has not known ‘being in love’ in someway or the other. You have already trodden that path, been there done that know it all. Most of us do, don’t we?

Either it has scarred us in the way never before, smarts still fresh to keep reminding you of what love can feel like. Gone now, all you have is memories that hurt, hurts that forever remind you of how you miss them, their love. Painfully reminding you of how their being with you has always made you feel.

You may be still deliciously in sickly sweet love. Their thoughts surround you 24/7. You feel like you could just be there not doing anything but just glorying in their thoughts alone. Stupid enough you could just do that all day long!

  • What is love?
  • How does that work?
  • Why do we fall in love in the first place?
  • Love DOES hurt! Blah!
  • It involves a complicated mix of the more superficial/gross-physical and the more delicate spiritual/emotional

Love synonymous to Venus, the Goddess of love! In it’s true means, someone rather something(love) revered, considered pious has made its way into our lives in some form or the other. We have all known what is desire, sexuality, passion, ardour, frenzied need and longing to be with your one. Yearning to be one with them in all possible ways and means. That and THAT alone should satiate your heart raw with desire to be a part of them, be one with them. You are convinced nothing is better than the ambrosia that your one apparently promises to be.

That IS love!

It’s crazy to realise the workings of this complicated heart. It is him, yup! The cupid! When the cupid strikes you unguarded. Of course you never plan to fall in love! It happens. Be able to connect to them on all possible planes, emotional, mental, spiritual. That desire promising never to satiate, such hunger. Sense of belongingness, the magnetism, the pull, the attraction to somehow be theirs, their’s alone and desire to belong to them. You obsess with their thoughts and hear yourself whispering in-numerous ‘I love yous’ and having the feelings returned makes you feel like never before. Without a shadow of doubt you like to know them, understand them giving them your best and you expect they should understand you.

You think of them and they call

You miss them and they are missing you

Suddenly amidst the crowd all you desire is them, they already feel you with them

At times,rare though unless you are a whizz at telepathy you even hear them.

You KNOW and pick on their feelings and thoughts

Incase you thought it was all chance hang on a minute! Chances don’t repeat itself. These are potent connections. Your unique connect with your one.

Not very rare but an area which is not explored-unexploited by many. These are subtle connections that build when you are in love. We are all capable of it, though felt strongly where connections are strong. When you really are in love. You connect to them at very any levels. Physical is just the gross, the material, it is just a way for the hearts to be become one. Physical connection sought in love mostly is NOT motivated by libido and impulses alone, they may be a part but not the whole on it’s own. It is a way to bigger connect in the making and that is spiritual, emotional and mental connection.

We humans feed on love. It is a natural instinct. An instinct to want to belong to someone, love and be loved. We don’t need to think or plan to fall in love. It just happens. We just fall in love. We thrive on all the emotions that are connected to love. We all love attention, love, care, be wanted-sought for, desired, want the belongingness. We all in our hearts of hearts desire a connect.  It is our basic need to be loved, nurtured, cared for and sought. It is a very fundamental need we all have that needs being met just like hunger needs food, our hearts thrive for love and all the shades that come with it.

You might know love in many shades.Romantic love, bonds bw relationships, love/ passion for things It is known to exist in  many tones. Mostly identified as a ‘want,’ a ‘possession,’ ‘a bond,’ passion’ , ‘ ‘relationship’- Husband and wife, other halves in so many words. How? Well when you love someone/something you obviously want them or the thing you have love for, you want to possess them, make them your own just like you would when your heart sets on a favourite dress and you just know you wanna get it and you do. You wish to attain, own, want, poses that someone/something you love. It pretty much works in the similar fashion. When you fail to get that something/someone you hurt. Okay! well that is taking it too far for material things, let’s stick to the unrequited love. Love that is not returned or someone for some reason fails to posses, own that someone they love. Guess what! just like any physical pain, love DOES hurt. It is not funny coz often it can take a person into a downward spiral making them constantly debilitating, weakening and disintegrating.

Love does hurt! In case you thought the life was to be merry ever after. Don’t be beguiled to believe that.

Why do we fall in love with a particular person? Well its coz the love is a whole spectrum of colourful things involved. It is all so simple yet so complicated.

It involves the more superficial/the  gross and the more delicate-pure – the spiritual/emotional side.

To begin with there is attraction which is the very first bit that leads to sparks which to me categorises the superficial or the gross bits to do with the love.

You feel attracted to them physically want to make love to them in all crazy wacky ways, please them beyond words.

You feel drawn to their voice-typical to them, that identifies as them and that is why you love them. Hope that makes sense? Okay! So I am saying and suggesting that there may be subtle ways to the way this whole love thing works. Your love interest may or may not be Tom Cruz or Angelina Jolie but to you they seem the most beautiful person in the whole wide world.

It is ‘their’ look that makes them beautiful, it is your feelings of love for them that defines, identifies them beautiful in your hearts and mind.  You are completely charmed by them, quite literally love struck.

What is a freakish about love thing is it is a condition where a person is constantly as if drugged. It is incredible how our bodies are designed in a fashion it makes us behave and act in a certain way when we are in love. When in love we release these hormones that makes us exhibit symptoms of being in love. What he then ails with, is something that is a by product or a symptom of love – a crazy obsession. They are addicted to the person they are in love with. They pretty much eat,drink, sleep them. Their whole world revolves around their ‘love,’ their one. It is the helplessness, the emotional dependence that makes them rather vulnerable, weakling and it is their love alone that can really can bring solace to their tormented soul that seeks just them in the times of need. That is why all the ‘missing’ that happens. You miss them coz it is them who completes them. It is them that defines their new found identity which is with them. It gives them a strange sense of satisfaction, security and a sense of fulfilment. A deep feeling, an emotion so strong that has the capacity to conquer anything and everything.

It is boundless, mystical, spiritual transcendental, limitless, never ending. It is lot more than we have come to realise. Yes that bad boy called love!

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