The A to Z of Marriage

It is quite an achievement to win over someone’s admiration and affection,
An agreement, an alliance or an ardent attraction

The bachelor turns beloved, with the bride and eternal blessings
A bow and that glance, and bouquets with everyone binging

The ceremonies and celebration, to be cherished with compassion
A companionship of consent ,of the love-struck couple

A decision to be dedicated, with unsaid dependence and devotion
Dining and declaring their vows, towards a common direction

Each has their expectations, and some unique experiences
Endearing to each other, weeding out the differences

A fiancé and his fiancée, now ready to take the vows
Become one forever, with friends and family on their toes

Getting married with a grin, a gorgeous groom and bride
A gift to be together, and be gentle and forgiving

With honor and hope, towards a happy honeymoon
A secret hideaway from everyone, all over the moon

A sacred institution, both spiritual and legal
An inclination towards integrity, being each other’s idol

The joy of togetherness, so jocular and just
Joining their souls, with unbreakable trust

Sealing the bond with a kiss
So that karma doesn’t go amiss

With laughter and cheers, and a few sad tears
Long-term commitment of love, legal yet so illogical!

Leaving behind some memories, ready to create many more
Matrimony is so complicated, with a soul mate

Nerves and emotions are a wreck, the bride feels quite stressed
Is it necessary to leave my parents behind, she thinks distressed

Open is the declaration, opulent are the ceremonies
It is now an obligation, which cannot be written in words!

A passionate partner, precious and prized
Protecting your sanity , a blessing in disguise

Quirky and quick to comment, on your look that day
Holding your hand firmly, quickly to take you away

A new relationship is formed, with rigorous motivation
With regard for your belief, faith in love and religion

A sacrament of piety, among an enthusiastic yet solemn soiree
With the sweethearts exchanging vows, symbolizing gaeity

A tender touch to each other, feels so tranquilizing
True love is a token, for union and understanding

Unusual yet so unique is every wedding celebration
Ushering in new bonds, to be each other’s admiration

A vision of the future, so clear and beautiful
With vows sanctified, so saintly and sacramental

They are now man and wife, and each other’s spouses
In the presence of witnesses, with wedding rings and willingness

Youthful and light, seems the whole new world in sight
Yearning for each other , is now their right

With zeal and zest, they begin together this journey
With happiness and sorrows , a sophisticated odyssey

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