The classic marriage story of patience and dedication—Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty

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Preaching about relationship goals and how to practically implement them in one’s marriage are two different things. But, preaching what you practice in your marriage in the media’s sharp glare without any shyness is not possible by every couple.
But, one couple had the guts and courage to preach what they practiced and for almost thirty years!
We are talking about the handsome Dhadkan actor,Suniel Shetty and his gorgeous and talented wife,Mana Shetty.

The First Meeting

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Suniel was that long-haired guy who frequented restaurants and went on outings with his friends quite often.It was during one such outing at Pastry Palace in Mumbai that he first saw this gorgeous girl,Mana.
He was completely smitten by her and in a truly cute way started getting friendly with her sister to get to know about her.
He wanted to know more about her and asked his friend to organize a party where they could invite Mana as well.So filmy yet so real!
They went on a romantic bike ride like a typical movie scene and fell in love with each other.

The Differences

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Mana was a Muslim by birth with the birth name,Monisha Kadri whereas Suniel was born in the Tulu-speaking Bunt community of Karnataka.There was a stark difference in their family ,cultural and religious backgrounds and the differences came in the way of their love for a very long time.
For a period of nine years, the madly in love couple sought the approval of their marriage from their families consistently.
Finally , in the year 1991, they achieved a thumbs up from both families’ and decided to get married as soon as possible.

The Marriage

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They wed each other with much enthusiasm and extended celebrations of ten days to celebrate their union.It had been a very persistent and patient love story of theirs which had culminated in happiness after so much opposition.
It was a very romantic winter wedding celebrated on Christmas day! It was a very cheerful and merry Christmas time with the union of the gorgeous couple with the most energetic celebration.
Even till today, he carefully plans his anniversary to celebrate and relive in style their love for each other.

Their Secret to Happiness

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Suniel has been one celebrity who has never shied away from the media when it comes to his personal and family life.He proudly flaunted his love for his wife,Mana and openly accepted his love for her from the beginning.

Mana once said in an interview, “Doing things together is a great way to stay together in a marriage, literally and in spirit.”

This speaks volumes about how energetic they are in giving each other time and love from their daily schedules.
They can easily give practical advice to married couples considering their depth of understanding regarding how important it is to keep the spark and freshness alive in their marriage.
Mana gave some solid advice for couples in a marital bond , “It is important to stay exciting to each other, in the way you look, in some amount of independence that you retain, without being an appendage to your spouse.”

These words have such a deep meaning and yet give a very strong message regarding the importance of keeping the spark alive in a world where temptation and cheating has become so common .

Life Post Marriage

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Their relationship goals are real just like their love for each other.Mana is a wife of superstar in addition to being a social worker and an entrepreneur. Isn’t that a deadly combination for a mother of two lovely kids,Athiya and Ahan Shetty?
Suniel like a perfect husband always supported her career prefernces and appreciated her talent as well, helping her carve out an identity for herself .
That is quite a rare and manly personality where he let her free to achieve her dreams and not be named as the wife of a superstar.
Suniel has always been a family man, taking out quality time for his family whenever possible to maintain that bond of love and friendship with them.

Such stories of strong marriages reinforce the power of love and marriage in our hearts again in today’s world of sin.

Suniel had a fitting reply for partners who risked falling into temptation after marriage, “You have to decide whether the temptation or momentary dalliance is worth all that you lose for the irresponsibility”.
Their ideals and advice about the institution of marriage makes us wish them eternal togetherness and bliss in the years to come.

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