A cross-cultural love story—Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapoor

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Ever heard of a woman being fully supported to achieve her dreams without having to worry about her household?
Yes, we are going to discuss about a famous couple yet again where the man was the force behind the successful woman. We are talking about the most critically acclaimed National award-winning actress , Vidya Balan and her husband, Siddharth Roy Kapoor.
What happens when a super-successful and talented actress meets a man of little words through the love expert of Bollywood, Karan Johar ?

The Introduction

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Vidya was enjoying the peak of her success with a line of awards in her kitty for her bold performances. She was not ready at that point of time to settle down , as proposals were coming pouring in for her from eligible bachelors. Settling down at this point of time would mean taking a break from her career since she would have to take out time for her family and have added responsibilities.
Vidya was waiting back stage at a Filmfare Awards Ceremony when she set her eyes on Siddharth.They became friends quite quickly and had a lot to talk about their lives.
He was a talented businessman, a film producer and the managing director of The Walt Disney Company, India.
They were quite successful in their chosen careers and could understand the demands of time, commitment and deadlines required respectively.

The Hook Up

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Karan Johar saw the spark and the chemistry between the two and arranged a meeting for them to get to know each other better. They were quite popular hence would not go out publicly to avoid any speculations and gossip about their relationship .They could easily talk since they could relate to each other about the similarities of being famous and in demand.
Marriage was imminent and then Siddharth decided to propose to Vidya to make her ealise that he was serious about her.
Vidya recalled that, “When Siddharth proposed, I couldn’t believe it initially. Since we were together, I knew we would talk marriage at some stage. And then, he popped the question and did not even wait for a reply. It was taken for granted! I could have gone on living without marriage, but I do not believe in live-in relationships because it may be difficult when you want a child. When he proposed, I was like, “Okay, so now we need to talk about it.”

Such was her state of mind and emotions after he proposed to her. She was quite afraid of the binding and responsibilities which accompany marriage.

The Wedding

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Their marriage was an intimate affair just as how low-key and private their relationship had been from the start.Only a few close friends and relatives were invited with no big names of the industry being present.
He was a South Indian and she was a North Indian,a Punjabi girl.Their marriage was the perfect representation of the equality and respect they had for each other since they celebrated it by blending both the cultures.
There was a pre-wedding bash and a Mehendi ceremony before their wedding ceremony.Both decided to dress in a sombre and understated manner , a simple wedding yet so perfect we can say.

Life after Marriage

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Vidya considered herself quite lucky when it comes to her life after marriage. She had the perfect balance of privacy, love and support from her husband and in-laws after marriage.
She revealed her marital bliss in an interview with, “Because we do not live in a joint family, we do not come in each other’s spaces. I have gained a family, and so has he. My father-in-law is the most accepting person. They say a girl always looks for her father in her man. I will add that I have that even in my father-in-law. My mother-in-law is a professional, she is encouraging and enthusiastic. In a joint family when you share the same space or kitchen, it can become contentious. But, there is no scope for that with us.”

He fully supported her in her decisions regarding her career and never questioned or limited her career decisions.

Their Relationship

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Maturity and understanding is very necessary for the longevity of a relationship. Vidya revealed how blessed she was to have a supportive spouse who who always ready to bend he stereotypes and annul any accepted notions of the society regarding a woman’s personal and professional decisions.
“Siddharth accepts me the way I am. In the first few months of marriage, I got bogged down by the notion that I had to juggle between handling home duties and starting work on a new film. He explained I need not be a superwoman. He understands that if he could go out to work and end up neglecting things at home, so could I.”

We truly believe that their marriage is a perfect game changer and an example of how a couple can achieve togetherness without sacrificing their dreams and become each other’s strength without any kind of guilt or regret.

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