The friends turned life partners—Ajay Devgan and Kajol

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What happens when a quiet and shy introvert meets a completely outgoing extrovert?
They are bound to either bang their heads together or fall head over heels in love with each other!
The latter is what happened with the most critically acclaimed actors of the film industry of their times.
We are talking about the quiet and shy,Ajay Devgan and his better half ,Kajol.

The Friendship

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They were not even friends initially but came to know each other on the sets of the film,Hulchul in 1995.He was the silent man who kept himself aloof from the others and was smoking away merrily when she first saw him.He was dating another woman at that time and Kajol had become good friends with him.She even used to take love advice from him initially.
They were just good friends and everyone else thought the same too about them. They were never touted to be the next couple expected to be in a romantic relationship any day.

Friendship to Love

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After two years of friendship and moving ahead from their previous relationships, they started dating each other.It was not the typical proposal or the three letter declaration of “I love you’ in their relationship still.It was something deeper which connected them together which could not be put in words. They knew they were crucial in each other’s lives and hence they decided to tie the knot after four years of courtship.

The Marriage

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Their marriage was held in a private ceremony in Maharashtrian style at Ajaya’s home on February 24, 1995.For this unconventional couple, marriage was never discussed but was imminent.
Their marriage ceremony was an intimate affair with no wedding photographers and media attention.Ajay was the only one having a camera at the wedding!

Kajol revealed why she got attracted to Ajay,” He is not a romantic person who will buy me a rose on a Valentine’s Day and I have to always remind him our wedding anniversary three days in advance but he always looks out for me. I never feel unsafe anywhere because I know he is always behind me standing there for me. He backs me one hundred percent and he knows I am there for him as well.”
They escaped to Europe for their two month honeymoon and their love shone through their strong marriage.
Isn’t this how real life partners are supposed to be? The invisible force guiding and pushing you forward towards your dreams…

The Media Attention

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Their married life was under constant scrutiny, as was with almost every couple in Bollywood.There were alleged rumours of Kajol not getting along well with her in-laws to their marriage being under threat due to Ajay’s alleged affair.
Ajay had been publicized by a top magazine of having an affair with a much younger actress.
But, as true spouses, they ignored the gossip and held on to each other to plan their family and double their happiness.


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Kajol was expecting their first baby in 2001 , but fate had something else in store for the lovely couple. She suffered a miscarriage in her sixth month and he supported her in this difficult time with much grace.Two years passed and she was expecting again.On the 20 th of April, 2003 , she gave birth to their first daughter,Nysa.
She chose to be a mother and fulfil her duty towards her children due to her previous emotional experience.She gave birth to their second child,Yug seven years later and opted to stay at home with her children.

Life Post Marriage

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Their children are now growing up and he is a massive family man who loves spending time with his kids and wife. They have stayed strong in testing times and brushed away controversies with ease.

Kajol revealed the secret to their healthy marriage recently, “We dated for almost four years before getting married and we are best friends. I think our relationship has worked only because I speak a lot and he quietly listens. So the secret to our happy married life is that Ajay doesn’t say much.”
Ajay replied with his tongue in cheek with,” I sometimes listen and sometimes I just pretend to listen.”

Isn’t that hilarious and adorable?

A patient partner and loads of understanding is necessary for any relationship to go forward. Here’s wishing them many more happy years and laughter in the years ahead.

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