The inspiring love story of the Badshah of Bollywood-Shah Rukh and Gauri

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When it comes to the real-life love story of the king of romance, there is no less drama to expect. His love story and unrequited love for Gauri is an example of how strong marriages can survive the test of time.

The First Meeting

They first met at a common friend’s party when Shah Rukh was only 18. Gauri was accompanied b her brother, who Shahrukh thought was her boyfriend initially.
She turned down his offer for a dance initially when he first set his eyes on her.He was quite shy but could not get over her.Her refusal to dance broke his heart initially.
When he came to know that her boyfriend was actually her brother, he asked her out again in a truly witty style by saying,” mujhe bhi apna bhai samjho!”.
Thus began their relationship as they started dating each other.

The Rough Patch

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Shah Rukh was quite the possessive boyfriend who easily turned jealous if she talked to other boys. He would not allow her to keep her hair open or maintain male friends.Gauri got disturbed and decided to give their relationship a break.
After celebrating her birthday at his place, she left for Mumbai with her friends without informing him.

The Patch-Up and Reunion

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Shah Rukh was obviously very shocked to see her go away without informing him.He informed his mother about Gauri’s decision and she fully supported him in the filmy style by egging him on to find her at any cost.
Shah Rukh searched for Gauri frantically in Mumbai and finally found her at a beach in Mumbai.
Their joy knew no bounds and they hugged each other tearfully.This was the turning point of their love story as they finally knew how much they needed each other now.
They decided to get married to seal their love forever as soon as possible.

Family Opposition

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They belonged to different religions and had totally different family backgrounds.Gauri was from a pure Brahmin family whereas Shah Rukh was a Muslim. He was too young and was going to join the film industry. All these reasons did not make him a suitable match for Gauri from a marital point of view.
The real struggle to win over their parents started now. Shah Rukh is reported to have even posed as a Hindu boy to impress her parents and they kept their love a secret for almost five years.Finally , on October 25, 1991, they got married according to Hindu traditions and with their parents’ blessings.

Marital Bliss

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From the day got married there has been no turning back when it comes to holding on to each other.They had contrasting personalities, but became each other’s strength in the most difficult times.
They have been blessed with three beautiful children, Suhana, AbRam and Aryan who seem to be following in their father’s footsteps.
He has always claimed that she has been his strength and pillar of support who took care of their home, their children, their production house while balancing her work as an interior designer.
Three Cheers to the King of Romance and his gorgeous wife for setting an example of real love and strong marriage benchmarks for everyone inside and outside the film industry.

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