The Rather Unfortunate Wedlock

This entire story is dedicated to a dear friend. A man with a golden heart but a rather unfortunate marriage. Keeping him as anonymous as at this moment, he does not even know that I am writing about him.

Hailing from the hills, he is with the ideology of simple living and values. Devoted to his parents and a hardworking chap, one cannot ask for more in a person in terms of the qualities he possess. Looks- if you ask, he has that sweet charm in his face, and a smile always, but not everyone knows that behind this smile are loads of tension, disaster, emotions, tears, almost capable of taking you to a roller coaster ride.

While time passed by and he was of age, his parents decided to get him hitched and like an obedient son, he complied. A hush hush wedding, happy faces, it all seemed so perfect. It was of course an arranged marriage, but how does it matter, arranged marriage has its own charm, isn’t it?

A couple of months of marriage, things went really well, it seemed like they were made for each other and it was meant to be so, after all they vowed to never part ways. It seemed there was bliss and heaven at home. But like it is said, all that glitters is not gold. Not necessary that if things seem at bliss, they would really be.

None could figure out what went wrong in that relationship. Things started falling apart. So worse, that they were not even able to come to a conclusion. In the meantime, amidst all sadness, there was a ray of hope, he was blessed with a baby girl. With her birth, it was expected that things would go normal but the reality was different. While she could have been the sole reason for the shattered and separated parents to come together, his wife had different things in mind. She never had wanted to fix their broken marriage despite of all his efforts to reconcile.

While I would not delve into the hardships he has going all through this while, but something that I can say is never ever in this world can a relationship sustain on conditions. She kept placing conditions in front of him for this to work, and kept family, emotions, even the child behind. May be at one point he might have had accepted all the conditions, but in the long run, eventually the relationship would fall and things would never be the same.

Accept a person and a relation with all his flaws and shortcomings. Love is not about conditions and winning always. Love is where two persons never give up on each other no matter what. The same goes for marriage, you might not think the same way, but you need to be true to each other and respect each other’s emotions. Conditions, infidelity, separating a son from his family, leading a life alone, these are signs of selfishness and with this, no relationship can sustain.

While I pray that everything in his life turns normal and he remains happy life long, at the same time, I even pray that God knocks some sense in his better half and in case sense does not work, he better be released from the weight of a bond which is breaking him and suffocating him bit by bit.

Resting my strokes with this famous quote-

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

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