The Solitary Juncture

There was chaos in her mind but all she could do was smile. It was not wakefulness that plagued the night but the words of disdain that he spoke, the unforeseen and the painful. In tales had she heard about an inamrata being shook at heart, when a hypnotic state hit her bad; so bad that the ne she once relished was now perpetually looping her inbox but all she could do was scrutinize and shrug off. What was it that turned two loquacious devotees of each other into muted freaks. Words my dear, they hurt!

She was caught in the middle of twisted conventions, mind and heart teaching chapters of morality but all she could do was give up; give up the dependence, the vows, the traditions that once bund her heart to his psyche. What baffled her was the question that how much he could degrade himself to achieve that level of pseudo love. On one hand his philosophies boasted of certain reverence that even oxygen would seem like a less important thing but Him! And on the other his words of disdain pierced her heart so bad that she lost her faith over the thought of love. Wasn’t that whole time they spent a lie? Yes, it was.

She tried to gift herself with a holocaust that her pathetic self deserved and craved for, trying to stay away from the emotions that were disposable because no love actually existed.

How much hopeful do you think she could have been with such a dangerous amalgamation of false words? So all she could do was pray that the chaos would end but he exited to be her vessel of turbulence at that solitary juncture and remained forever.

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