The Unfair Psychotic Love

There he was standing at the corner of the room and staring at her, like she is the most precious possession he can ever own. She was unaware that she had a secret lover. A carefree, glee and unique girl, in her twenties surrounded by her group of friends, seated at the canteen. Sounds like a desi Bollywood masala, isn’t it? Sorry to disappoint you folks! It is no movie, but a real life incident experienced few years ago in the past.

We went to the same school. She was senior to me and the secret lover was her senior. It was a time, when school crushes were a common thing, unlike, some mad hypocrite pestering someone, like in recent time.

What happened after was devastating and disturbing for one and all. There was no soul in college who didn’t know about the secret lover and his obsession with her. We were not really sure of her, as she never reacted or responded to any of the bickering around her. She was a school topper, an expert in curricular and a favourite student of the school staff. She was never a trouble maker. She had a dream of scoring a position for the state and getting selected in one of the best college of the area.

But like it is said, not all dreams are meant to be true! Not that, it was fate, but here it was the outcome of an obsession.

The secret lover, on one fine day, mastered the courage to approach and propose her in front of all at school, to which she politely denied. Denial was not taken as a welcoming thing by him. And he turned into those psychopaths obsessed to own her, like she was some piece of thing. Pestering, comments, harassment followed. She tried all she could to ignore him. When all efforts seemed to make no change, the psycho unable to deal with it anymore, did what we couldn’t imagine even in the wildest of our dreams in those days. An acid bottle and her face in the middle of the school in front of all. Her face, and 80% of her body suffered severe third degree burns. The scene still manages to give me goose bumps. He threw the bottle at her and escaped school.

She was in unbearable pain and was taken to the hospital. Alas! She couldn’t survive and breathed her last on the way to the hospital. A single child of the family, her parents broke down, and shook was the school and us.

The psycho was trapped through a search operation and is now behind the bars. But does that change anything? Her parents still suffer from depression. Girls from the school would still think twice before denying one such psycho lover again. And the boy, there is no tinge of regret in his face for what he did.

It is normal to fall in love with someone but imposing love, nah, that doesn’t work. Rejections would come your way, but one needs to learn to accept them and not just destroy a life because of that. Her dreams and aspirations are left unfulfilled and her soul would never rest in peace. Harrowing!

“Not all crushes and love stories are meant to blossom. Love is meant to blossom and not imposed. Destroy a life only when you are capable enough to replenish the irreparable loss you cause to someone.”

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