The Wedding Ring

wedding ring

It seemed unending , the time kept ticking

Cathy glanced at that hour glass, smoothly slipping

The last gift of her love, still tricking away

His touch and smell, still so far away…

She had found him dead, lying still one morning

His grey hairs glistening, the sunlight dawning

It was his 75 th birthday, too handsome for his age

Handling their love with no breakage!

That she was now a widow, struck her quite hard

She could not sleep for ages, trying not to break apart

Wasn’t it too early to have been left alone like this

Leaving their love nest quite so amiss?

She grappled with fear ,loneliness was unnerving

Removing her wedding ring was quite displeasing

Should she define her love for him with that worn ring?

Or let his memories slip away like its losing bling?

She mustered the courage after much speculation

That token of love for their daughter’s admiration

A ring of love , to be passed on forever

Redefining their relationship, a painless endeavour…

1 thought on “The Wedding Ring”

  1. Tanvi Kumar

    Adeeba 🙂 you are a STAR! I could stay up all night happily reading your whipped magic of words. You are blessed indeed. love-light- hugs

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