Tinder it was that brought me love!

After having gone through the tough drills of life, gone through all the topsy turvy rides, I had given up the idea of love and the possibility of love ever occurring to me again. Having gone through endless series of infinite heart breaks, surely I wasn’t prepared for any fresh one till the old smarts at-least started to heal. Too early, I thought and gave away the thought or possibility of love. You know they keep talking about wishful thinking? That, was what was happening to me, my days, my nights I was obsessed. I was convinced it was all wishful thinking, in the least expecting it to somehow turning into a reality, or even dare to think there was faintest hopes for things to turn into miraculous truth.

Anyway life went on, I did bump into interesting men every now & again. Good laugh, they were, I decided and moved on. I wasn’t yet prepared to fall in love again, so raw emotionally still. Long! I really did, for a companion. For someone you could lean on, have a supple shoulder to cry on. It all felt like a luxury. Slowly I was beginning to convince myself it was all okay THIS is how the rest of the life was gonna be & that I must really just concentrate on my career. What happens to the rest? Well surrendered to the Destiny! Lets see what the Heavens had planned for me.

It was just another day, we happened to be at cousin’s place who only recently got married. It felt super lonely & left out in the room full of crazy noise and people screaming at the top of their voices. All I could hear was screeching silence & loneliness I felt, made things even worse. I worked at the smile & a coffee to go. Toying with the cup in my hand joined in the stupid deafening laughters. I kept my head nodding, looking deeply involved in the talks going & the family jokes on the full swing. Wasn’t tough to laugh, it was a habit by then. That is what kept me going. Cant explain enough how I was there but so NOT there. Suddenly I heard my name loud & I heard tinder. I pretended like I heard it all & I smiled back. I could see a question in their eyes & had my cousin repeat – you really wanna try it! Its so cool! Whats best is it works!

I went- WHAT? Tinder ? Are you guys crazy? No way thats not happening. Desperate , is the last thing Iam. Next minute I had my phone in my cousins hand. THERE! It was done, Tinder had happened & it was shoved back in my hand. They declared – I was to do the next bits. To avoid the unnecessary probings of whys and why nots. I just did it for the heck of it.

What I did not realise was, there were responses coming and I was disinterestedly pushed into just taking things forward.

What took me by surprise was, this decent looking someone I ran into. Seemed like a great someone to talk to- I thought! There was no harm hooking up for coffee and stuff. Apparently, he kept me happily engaged for hours and hours & it just didnt feel like we were talking for the first time ever. He was buoyant, so full of life & vigour. For a minute I even forgot the need to want love in  my life. It was pure joy connecting to him, we talked and talked and talked all night on skype.

Talks just didn’t cease, we seemed to have things to keep talking about. I loved it all, I was lost in the moment. I DIDN’T want things to stop between us. Whatever that was. Oh! Thanks to tinder! Lol Bless the dear application, so was never a fan of lol! Accidentally my eyes fell on the clock damn, just realised we spoke all night. As I realised this, I heard Inder say I am turning up in abt half(Yup! Thats my Mr. Right now, bless him, love him to bits) No! I sat there in my pyjamas, true that I wasn’t expecting the date to turn up but I looked shit lol 😉 I wanted to look decent & not dressed in sloppy crap. Anyway so the bell rings, my heart started the summersaults. Inder was at the door, looking all dapper, so delicious! I looked crap, all the same too late. Before I could think straight I was held tight in his embrace. I was flattered by him, his beautiful ways, his talks so sweet that won my heart in an instant.

Yes! If you are guessing if we took things forward. Of course we DID. We are married now 🙂

So lucky the tinder happened. With tinder came along my Mr. Hottie.

I love you Inder. Thankyou squillionz to happen to me. You are the best thing ever.

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