The Housewife

A bunch of his friends came home today to see his bride,

Enthusiastically, they asked, how is it to be a housewife?

Before she could utter a word,

Her husband smirked,

Easy as hell,

After all, they only sit and enjoy the luxury very well.

Just some food to cook, some utensils to clean,

What else they ever do beyond these regular scenes?

Shopping all the while and wasting our resources,

Housewives behold this trait, good for nothing, he abuses.

Helpless she just faked a smile,

Left the room in disgust for that while.

She mastered the courage to finally speak,

And let him know what she believes.

He just shooed her off with a dismissal,

Slapped her across the face snarling betrayal.

Dejected and broken, she decided to leave the home,

Leaving the family once and for all.

While she left, she scribbled a note-

I cook, I clean, I scrub, and I rub,

No, I am not your maid, I do it out of love.

I care for your parents, relatives and nurture your kids,

No, I am not a machine, I do it for the family.

I fulfil your wishes, your desires day and night,

No, I am not your slave, but your wife.

I shop for the family and not for me,

Did you even bother once to care for me?

I am a graduate, I can earn,

I never needed your resources in this long run.

I can step out of the house and handle the pressures,

It was my choice to stay back and give you the home you desired.

My dear husband, while I move out of this house with my kids tonight,

I would always take pride to let the world know that I am a housewife,

Yes, I am a housewife!

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