7 ways to keep your bond fresh and healthy

Seeing the sparkle fading away in the marriages isn’t too indigestible these days. It is common to see people parting their ways when once they promised forevers. After living the beautiful engagement period, life is quite harmonising when couples start their married life. Everything peaceful and exciting is lined up after their tying of knots, beginning with the beautiful honeymoon period to living together. But how long does this harmony lasts? For some, like the romantics, it is forever, however, for some, marriage turns slowly into tragedy.

It is common to see couples drifting apart after a brief period due to several reasons and those memories are the only things that stay the same. The world changes for both of them and nothing can ever completely heal the damage done by that.

Having someone to hold your hand is perhaps the best gift life can give you and it is important to cherish the same. Here are few things that you should keep a note of to make the bond shine-

1- Building a Family.

Marriage not only brings two people together but also brings their families together. Both the husband and wife should build a family by accepting each other and by accepting each other’s families too. Having healthy bonds with the near and dear ones of each other avoids many issues and quarrels that can somewhere turn the couple’s relation bitter.

2- Listen more.

Listening is the most important aspect when it comes to maintaining relationships. It is important to listen, not only to the words spoken but also to the ones that aren’t spoken aloud. Instead of raising voices and trying to win arguments, one should listen to the other one.

3- Don’t stop taking efforts.

Take the same efforts that you took in the beginning. Remember your good old college days or the time when you first met and tried to get the other one’s attention and continue doing that. Plan surprises and take care of little things. Efforts show how much you love the other one and this keeps the bond healthy.

4- Understand him/her.

Understanding plays a key role and an understanding person reduces the stress by not falling into arguments every now and then. Try to understand situations and thoughts even when you don’t want to. Not caring about him/her slowly builds the attitude and ultimately may ruin your bond.

5- Make love.

Having a healthy sex life is one of the reason behind many successful relationships. Sex may not be the only important thing, but it is important. Make love and don’t let the excitement vanish from your relationship.

6- Find solutions.

For everything that seems a problem or may cause trouble in your married life, find a solution. Sitting quietly and just watching the things break doesn’t help. Find accurate solutions and keep those problems away.

7- Hold on to each other.

Sometimes patience is all that is needed. In the heat of the situations, don’t let go of one another. Time will pass and things will be fine if you hold on to each other.

Starting anything new isn’t that difficult, ensuring it to continue and grow is. Such is the case with relationships too. Getting married isn’t everything, maintaining and growing with the bond is the most important thing.

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