A deadly illness…and a counselling session

Shilpa and Anand had been married for twenty years now. They had their fair share of problems with Shilpa battling a deadly disease which robbed her of her energy.
She had been suffering from Lower Respiratory Infection which had made her bedridden and at a risk of asthma attacks for almost the entire six years of her life.
Anand like a true life partner had been beside her in those times of immense pain and mental trauma. That feeling of being on the verge of losing your loved ones , almost every year in the ICU , with harsh medications being injected in to your veins…
Their plans of starting their own family seemed distant to Shilpa now. She was touching her forties and she felt less confident than ever before about her body, her health and their relationship.
Anand had resigned from his job to care for her all day and had spent sleepless nights comforting her as that perfect spouse every woman dreamt of.
As they were reaching their 28th wedding anniversary, she could not still believe she was alive and had him by her side.
Wouldn’t a gorgeous man like him have easily moved on and left her hand in the middle of her journey towards death…?
She felt indeed blessed to have such a man by her side, rock-solid and her true hero.

Anand, as his name meant ,was truly a believer in peace and tranquility, often making Shilpa practice his favourite yoga poses regularly.
He had a passion for writing and would often(laughingly) tease Shilpa that he would write a thriller story based on her life when she would leave him(sic)…
Her inner strength and power to fight for her life in spite of that deadly illness had been the sole reason he admired this woman so much.
She seemed so pained yet so beautiful with those silent tears falling from her eyes during her sleep. He had wanted to end that pain forever and she had fought back for herself, and for their marriage.
She had won , but there had still been some emotional baggage left in their relationship owing to the extreme heavy situations they had dealt with in the last six years together.
They used to have minor disagreements which would cause that pain to resurface again and cause that invisible barrier to creep in between.
She would go all steely and cold , and he would remain silent , still mindful of her previous health issues.

Their anniversary date was near and they were still not talking to each other. There had to a permanent solution to all of this emotional and unpredictable trauma.
Every marriage had its ups and downs and they would have to think of a solution , together.
Anand went out to take his evening stroll and free his mind and think freshly, with reinstated purpose.
A young man was distributing flyers and he handed him one and went away.
The flyer read, “Seeking Direction? Hope ? “
Find it out Now ? Contact our Marriage Experts (https://husbandwiferelationship.com/marriage-counseling/)
To breathe in life to your lifeless marriage…

Anand stood still and smiled to himself. He had been given the right direction now, it had been so simple and how could it not have struck him early?
He went home quickly and found Shilpa trying to ignore him and busying herself with her laundry.
He said, “Shilpa, I have the most unconventional and surprising gift planned for us this anniversary”.
She raised her eyebrows and hunched her shoulders, ”Whatever!”. She was still furious and sad over their fight but he pulled her into a hug to make her smile again.

The morning of their anniversary, the next day, they went to meet their marriage counselor, Mr. Rajesh Deshmukh.
They sat down silently on his couch as he questioned them smilingly,” So, what brings this lovely couple here today?”.
Anand exchanged glances with Shilpa, it seemed so silly to conifer in him the reason they were here. He told them to make themselves comfortable and open up about everything that had been going on from the wedding day.
They informed him about Shilpa’s illness and how they had to face the brunt of financial strains, changing homes and hospitals, dealing with medications and health issues since the last six years.
Their time was up and he winked at them to come back after a week to prod into their issues further.
After three sessions, they were able to open up about what had been going wrong in their relationship, the mistakes they were unknowingly committing and hurting each other in the end.
They were opened into a whole new aspect and n of their relationship and were on the same page, shared the same thoughts and had similar goals and expectations from their marriage and from each other.

There was a new birth, a new vision and a new excitement in their relationship now.
No more of those unpredictable fights and lame excuses for not being able to conquer their problems together.

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