A Gift I Got Being In Love

Now that you came and went just like a breeze,

Now that I no longer feel at ease,

Tell me, are you pleased?

A snap and my world was upside down,

It seemed just moments ago, when you adorned me with a crown.

A fling or testosterone on the hike,

I do not know, I won’t try and find.

Your voice was desperate,

Seemed it is just what you needed that night.

Your confession and then a transition,

Shattered my existence and emotions.

The touch of your lips on my skin,

The feeling I can never explain.

Your trickling tears moistened my face,

You owned my soul and this was no amaze.

I could have fought the world with a sword,

Had you decided to stand with your shoulders broad.

While deep down, I still searched for my soul,

This moment just pushed it down all the more.

Vacuum is what I feel,

Scarred and tattered rests my will.

You asked me to not let you feel bad,

It kills me from within, but I do not want to see you sad.

Seems my love was just not enough,

To bind your soul and make you my other half.

Not that I hold hatred or there is any grudge,

Dead from within and smiling outside, this is how I fudge.

All I seek is you to be happy and blessed,

Do not worry about me and be stressed.

While with all my heart, I want you to be content,

When it comes to mine, I just want it to fall silent,

I just want it to fall silent!

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