Pangs of Separation

Do you know what the worst of all situations in life is? It is the state where your eyes are dry but the heart is not. It is where you have a Tsunami of emotions but lips are sealed. It is when you can see, sense everything but you just choose to let go.

Drooling and being in love is easy but staying the same for eternity is the most difficult thing to do. It seemed just yesterday that Rohan and Rhea were swearing and being the lovey-dovey couples of the town, and today, they cannot stand each other. Not that either of them cheated but they just can’t bear each other’s presence.

It took some time to figure out the differences between them but eventually we did. Rhea and I have been friends for almost 10 years now. Now that does not mean, that we are going to put the blame on Rohan for this spoilt relationship. We seated each other and tried talking out in an amicable manner. What we expected to be a calm conversation turned out to be a heated argument within 30 minutes of both being at the same place. If you ask for reasons, there are ample of them.

First each one of them do not want to let go off their egos and compromise at any point on anything. What I fail to understand is if it was love, why cannot one just let go off the ego and save the sinking ship? But trying to talk sense in this matter is similar to banging your head on a rock. Compatibility is essential and here it seemed negligible. Each one has a different lifestyle and none is ready to embrace the other the way they are. Love is about accepting flaws in the other person and still loving them for who they are. But here each one was busy pointing and trying to correct the other. Result eruption of volcano every now and then. Personal space is something that never existed between the two. One needs to understand that each one of us need some “me” time, no matter what. This time helps clear the heads and think straight. But if you keep intruding the space where they want to remain secluded for a while, there would definitely be no output and would do nothing good to the relationship either.

While for the sake of friendship, we did try to bring these love birds together, but eventually there comes a point that there is nothing much that you can do about it either. They were not ready to understand and this time we were reluctant to make them understand sense. They drifted apart, went their ways. Although each one of them misses the other once in a while, but are happy in their own lives and that is what matters at the end.

Readers, we did not write this piece to emphasize on how two persons in love and about to get married separated. Rather, this has been written just to highlight the true scenarios that can cause a rift and to enlighten souls to work towards the same so that no Rhea and Rohan ever needs to suffer the pangs of separation.

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