A terrible wish

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Chatting online in her free time,
Sia stumbled upon a site, FriendFind
Made many online friends
Of every age and trend
But the one named Hamid,
She could not really forget
They chatted for hours
Days passed by and friendship grew
No culture, no religion
Did their relationship follow
She left her job, their connection broke
He was left sad and helpless but didn’t lose hope
God took pity and they talked after a year
Time had progressed, betrayal was a fear
Late that night , Sia dialled his number
He picked up drowsily, forgetting his slumber
“Where had you been for so long?”,
was the first question he asked.
“You took my life and breath away, now let our faces unmask!”.
Friendship was forever, love was running deep
But the uncertain future only could decide what problems could creep
She was made for him, he knew
He could not let her go
So he planned to confide his love
And confront his family’s ego
The words were not even uttered, when he walked with shaky knees
They were celebrating his new marriage proposal with his mother’s niece!
The world came tumbling down, his voice he could barely hear
Such jubilation he had not expected, now a lingering fear
It engulfed him in misery, his marriage was quite near

On hearing this news, Sia cried herself to sleep
Awakening and screaming ,  all she could do was weep
She proposed that they run away, for fate was not on their side
Or marry in secret , neglecting their families’ pride
Hamid could not agree, she felt a bit guilty
But struck up on an idea, confronted her father meekly
She wrote a secret letter, conveyed it to her dad
For she feared he would become angry and quite mad
The letter began, she came straight to the point
Dear Father,
“I desperately want to say something to you.
I have told you about Hamid, our love is very true
But you did not allow us to marry , religion was the reason
But does love overpower all forms of treason?
I never told this to anyone, for I trusted you the most
But you still did not understand me, causing me such remorse.
I can’t express my feelings in words, so I am writing a letter to you.
Perhaps this letter may show you clearly, that my feelings are true
I have taken the extreme step,
gulped a copious doze of poison.
If you want my happiness and life, then you will forget to reason.
If you will save my life , I will live
If not then I will surely die
Living without Hamid is not an option in my mind

I have begged you countless times,  but I cannot disgrace you too.
If you don’t want that I marry to him, I will not break our vow.
My life is useless now, it is in your hands, dear father
Now it is up to you what you want, your honour or your daughter?”

Sia gave the letter to her father, bid that he read it after she slept
For she was drowsy and dreamy, with the poison’s effect
What a misfortune struck that night
That her father forgot to read!
Only to open his eyes in the morning
Remembering the promise he had to keep.

He read it in alarm and wailed and ran
Towards his daughter’s room, feeling like the worst man
She lay peacefully asleep, a tear in her eye
But her mouth was bleeding, tinted a scarlet dye
Her father screamed in pain, he had lost his daughter forever
While Hamid had been forced to marry someone else’s daughter

Sia’s death struck his heart, like a deadly arrow from the dark
He held his hands to his chest, terror struck him quite stark
He had an attack, and could not handle this news
Hamid lost his life, for love had received its dues
Families’ wept inconsolably, united by their death
Who had known such agony, could suddenly come and set
Time could not heal their pain, their deathbeds did unite
Who really suffered the most, creators of this divide…

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  1. Adeeba! U know exactly what Iam gonna say 🙂 Totally love your work! You are plain brilliant, thats an understatement though! As I read, I can see -feel -re live-identify. You are a STAR! Did I tell you I wanna do a runner with Hamid:) so in love with him…love luck n light 🙂

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