Smart signs to observe to conclude she will become a bad wife

Marriage is not only about a big responsibility but a concept of sharing and caring between two loved one who have decided to spend the entire life with each other. It require compassion, care, share, feeling, understanding, clarity and love,  if you are planning to propose a girl you may wish to see the relationship in long-term and wish to marry her one day.  Your girlfriend whom you are proposing for marriage before doing so there are certain thing you must observe for making your relationship successful in the future. There are very sharp indications if your marriage is going to work out or not.

Recently the concept of live-I is highly appreciated and preferred by majority of the concerned couples which clearly shows whether this is going to take a good shape or going to lost in transit.  Thus, considering the signs will let you indicate that she may turn out to a bad wife in future.

Signs to Notice

Commoner often tend to confuse between the jealous nature of their partner a caring nature. The reality is there are cases when you have to repetitively reassure your girlfriend that other women in your life are not a threat to your relationship. Remember that a good wife will never be possessive once she is given a strong reason behind every gesture. Be clear from your end and observe.

If your beloved girlfriend is jealous of every girl moving around you will make the fact very clear that she will turn out to be a very bad wife in future. This sort of nature is biggest issue of every relationship will can turn a nice relation to a drastically bad one.

A woman who is not much committed to her life style and keep on changing her way of living as per situation, believe it or not she will never turn out to be good wife. These sorts of women are not committed to any friendship as well, and in a relationship friendship is pivotal.

Often it happens that your girlfriend may not life ht fact that you hang-out with your friends. If this is your case, be rest assured that she is restricting your life and wants you to live in your marriage life only, this sort of situation will turn out to be too bad and make your marriage worst.

Do you feel the pain of being unable to satisfy your loved one? This is a situation when complain form the other end is always one whether you do it or not. Don’t ignore her complains like you hardly spend time with her, unromantic, do not understand her, not even sensitive  on any issue related to her, remember this sort of issue will never change even if you get married to her.

There are observations that some girlfriend do tend to play with your fears, values, shame on you, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and even sympathy and tried hard to control you. When you are facing such circumstances be rest assured that she will never be a better wife in future.

If you tend to find that your loving girlfriend behaves in the most unpredictable manner then give a second thought to your idea of proposing her for marriage, as this will make your situation tougher in coming days, as possibilities are there that she will be a bad wife in future.

Criticizing, loud, making funs of you in public, humiliating, screaming and exaggerating flaws are the unhealthiest attitude of a person. If you find one doing so, simply give yourself a chance to think once more of getting married to her.

The main motive of throwing light on these facts is that never care a blind love. Instead open your eye towards more practicalities and realties to take up the best decision which is good for you in near future. Life is one live it to your best abilities.

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