Marriage is a beautiful bond, 

Why overshadow it with a dowry grand?

A father gives a daughter,

A brother gives her sister,

Mr Groom, is she less than some oyster?


Money, jewellery and furniture,

Are they really worth more than her?

She gives up loved ones to be with you.

Is it really wise on your part to screw?


She cried in blood,

You broke her heart with a thud.

Bruises and cuts,

She is allowed no ifs and buts.

She weeps at night while you snore,

Dowry is what you torture her for.


You feed at her each night,

You tear her soul bite by bite.

You threaten killing her being,

Plump and sweet girl has turned skinny looking.


A day is not far,

When this flower would wither.

In search of love and care,

She would die in despair.


The lust for dowry would still remain,

A new victim will again be slain.

I pray and wish for a change.

Where dowry victims seek avenge.

Trust me, I really wish for a change,

Where dowry victims would seek avenge.

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