Do Zodiacs Affect Relationships: A Sneek Peek

Does Astrology impact your marriage and relationship ? What’s your sign? Does it matter? You might think that scientists are above answering such questions, but you’d be wrong. Do they affect relationships and how is what we’ll talk about today. But, before that let us take a quick look into what these zodiacs are characterized by, majorly in their nature anmd how they behave when in relationships.

A Sneek Peek : Zodiacs and their take on relationships.

Aries likes to take the lead.

People born under the Aries sign are famously spontaneous and confident, so one of the best things about dating an Aries is that they are never, ever boring. A potential drawback? Any partner of an Aries will have to be OK with playing second fiddle.An Aries likes to take the lead in their relationships. They may bore easily, which may often lead them to seek the thrills of new and exciting.

 Taurus prefers slow, steady relationships.

People born under the Taurus sign are practical and even-keeled. So, the best way to think of a relationship with a Taurus is as a slow, steady burn. A Taurus does not typically like change. They prefer to take a relationship slow in the beginning, which may allow them to build upon a steady, sensual, and long-lasting union.

Gemini like to keep things casual.

People born under the Gemini sign are often representing two different personalities at once Because of this, it may be challenging to settle down with a Gemini. Gemini may often prefer multiple casual relationships, Gemini is an air sign, so it is important for them to be mentally stimulated.It can also be difficult for Geminis to open up in a relationship.

 Cancers are great partners once they get out of their shell.

A relationship with a Cancer can be rewarding — as long as their partner gets them to open up. A Cancer may be hard to get to know in relationships, since they desire security and comfort with those around them. If Cancer loses interest for any reason, they may often retreat to their shell rather than face the challenges associated with any blossoming relationship.

 Leos are unfailingly loyal.

Leos love to give and receive affection in a relationship.Leo has a strong desire to be loved, adored and admired — this is important if Leo is to remain in a long-lasting relationship. Leo is also fun-loving and quite generous when it comes to sharing love and romance.This isn’t always a great thing, though.

Virgos always strive to make their relationship stronger.

Virgos tend to be goal and detail-oriented. So, it should come as no surprise that they make their relationships one  beautiful project. A Virgo has a strong desire to serve and to share in personal growth. Virgos prefer to be in a relationship where they may work in harmony toward a goal or purpose.

Libras crave romance.

If there is a sign that craves classic, old-school romance, it is Libra.Libra has a strong desire to set the mood for love and romance, Libras also value harmony and and balance in relationships — sometimes to a fault. It is important to Libra to please their partner. At times, they will hide their own needs. Libra is generous, giving of self, and wants to connect on a cerebral level. For them, sharing like-minded thoughts and emotions may be a form of foreplay.

Scorpios are guarded, but passionate.

A Scorpio can come on strong in most areas, so it is no surprise that they approach romantic relationships with similar vigor. They also have a knack for getting their partner to open up. 

 Sagittarius craves novelty in a relationship.

Sagittarius are curious, playful, and adventurous by nature. This means that dating a Sagittarius is always a thrill — the only problem their partner may have is learning how to keep up. A Sagittarius may prefer adventure over the thought of commitment  or maintaining a relationship.”

Capricorns aren’t casual about relationships.

Capricorns are the planners and strategiststs of the zodiac. Because of this, when a Capricorn gets in a relationship, they are really in a relationship and although they may appear to be cold or icy, Capricorns have a strong desire for deep love and will remain forever loyal to those they care for.

Aquarians can be stubborn, but they are worth the investment.

People born under the Aquarius sign tend to be stubborn and independent. Because of this, they don’t love commitment, so it may be tough to enter a relations with one. But for especially patient partners, Aquarians are well worth the wait. Aquarians may be reluctant for change and slow to commit. They also value their independence and will often initially seek a friendship over a committed relationship.

Pisces are compassionate partners.

Pisces are gentle, compassionate, and sensitive. This lends them a particular kind of vulnerability in a relationship that is different from that of other signs.So while the success of your marriage probably has nothing to do with the position of Venus, horoscopes in the back of women’s magazines may be having more influence than anyone’s willing to admit.

So, Zodiacs and Astrology. Do they have a part to play in marriage and relationships ?

Matching the zodiac signs or the astrological charts of a couple before marriage to find their compatibility and predict the future of their relationship isn’t something new for us. A lot of couples try to find online the answers to their love life based on Zodiac signs. However, astrology may help to understand the basic nature of a person but can’t really predict a sure-shot result about the success of a relationship.

?You are the sum of your experiences

Says Jack:  “I am a Piscean but I do not have any traits associated with people of this zodiac sign. A person is the sum of their experiences that build their perspective towards life. My wife is an Aries, and we share a beautiful relationship. As per our zodiac signs, we are incompatible. Luckily, we have similar areas of interest and respect each other for our differences.”

?It matters!

Shanvi feels : “Before finalising the marriage, my parents matched my horoscope with my to-be husband. I carefully read about all the positive and negative predictions that were made about our relationship but did not pay much heed to them at that time. After being married for more than three years, I can see that most of the predictions have turned out to be true. If the calculations are done right, one can actually predict the compatibility between two people.”So, it’s about beliefs and values. It does matter too.

You may have a bad relationship with a compatible sign

 The compatibility, predicted as per astrology, does not guarantee that that your partner won’t cheat on you, or would never lie to you. It also does not guarantee that your partner will always make adjustments to make the relationship work. It is better to listen to your heart rather than believing the planetary positions.

?It all boils down to your love and commitment

Zodiac compatibility might help you to find some similar traits in your partner but that is not the only thing, which can make a relationship successful. It requires commitment, dedication and love from both the partners, which cannot be determined by your zodiac sign. In fact, if you truly love your partner, you will always find a way to tackle the issues in your relationship.

If you both complement each other

You are surely two different people but that may have actually helped to strengthened your relationship. You both complement each other and it helps to add a new dimension to your bond. With time, you have become more patient in his company and have worked on your other grey areas.

?It does not matter!

No two people are same and no matter how much you guys are compatible as per your sun signs, there would always be some or other issues in your relationship. I know of a Libran and his wife’s zodiac sign is Cancer, this combination is highly incompatible. But fortunately, the have been smoothly sailing their boat since past 12 years.

It helps to just predict the basic nature of the person

I read several articles online about the compatibility of  two signs before getting married and the negative predictions made me skeptical about the future of any relationship. But, I can vouch that zodiac compatibility cannot predict the success of a marriage. Reading about his zodiac sign helps you to get a vague idea of his basic nature but that has nothing to do with the love you have for each other.

No marriage can claim to be perfect because there could be Childhood or upbringing, educational and cultural reasons. Astrology offers information and potentially good insights into people’s personality traits, which may be non specific and hard to confirm.

To love is between you both more and less of stars and the signs. Heres’s wishing happy fleeting in your love and life.  J

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