Six real reasons why modern marriages don’t work anymore

Why is there a growing trend of divorces and failed relationships nowadays? Have we come to an age where social media has become the only obvious medium of communication ?
Is the concept of love now losing its real meaning or is it time to redefine that eternal four letter word ?

Marriages are so easy to make and break nowadays that people are fearing commitment or being too naïve about the concept of eternal love. Her , we shed some light on some pressing factors which are causing couples to break up too soon and move on in full speed with another “attractive “ partner without much regret.

Easily Shattered

All it take is a small misunderstanding or a wrong text message or an unknown revelation and we are ready to sever ties. We are just not prepared for the sacrifices and compromises which come along the way. We are ready to bury our heads under the sand to let the storm pass away. Only to take out our heads and see what damage it has done to the rest of our body and soul!

Easy Quitters

I don’t know who started the trend of “calling it quits” but it has been popping up quite often now all thanks to our trending topics in social media. A secretly celebrity couple, a happily married famous couple from the glam world, corporate world or the billionaire club are always in the limelight.
But, they are hounded by the paparazzi once word goes around that their marriage is on the rocks.
So, are we taking inspiration from these “famous” couples and quitting without thinking too much?
Or is it that our genes have undergone some mutation which refuses to bear with our partner patiently?

Only Excitement No Worries

Who doesn’t love excitement in their lives, especially with the love of their life ? But, do we really crave a person with whom you can share your innermost feelings and desires for a lifetime?
No, we just need a partner to party, appear on the page 3, look good together and gain the highest number of likes on Facebook when tagged.
This “tagging” along with your partner and embarrassing yourselves when he or she doesn’t behave as you expected is one more reason for breakups surprisingly.
We are too bound with continuous thrill and fresh expectations that predictability and monotonous routines seem so disappointing and weigh you down.

So Materialistic

A call from the boss and you get ready to chase your dream project in the next city or a different country without thinking about your already hurt partner . In this frantic race to get to the top and achieve your dreams, we often sacrifice love and the value of time in our relationships , opting for long-distance relationships which tend to stress you out.
A whopping 90 % of long-distance relationships have reported to have been the reason for not opting for marriage in the long run. Only a few can carry on like this for years and the rest just let go …

Instant Gratification and Instant Let Down

We look for instant gratification and acceptance when it comes to the emotions of love, our careers, our social presence, our online followers . We would rather spend three hours chatting and posting comments to a sea of followers rather than spend an hour with a loved one. We easily get bored since we do not get an immediate response from our lover. It has become a habit slowly ingrained in our mind to Accept or Reject at the slightest pretext. Relationships require effort and this is what we are not ready to do as of now since we have got more important things to do in life!

Overuse of Technology

Your partner sends you smileys and good morning messages once your eyes open and sends you emojis and memes throughout the day. There is instant communication, no doubt about that but is it really an advantage in building your relationship ?
There is so much shared online that there is nothing remaining to talk about when you are actually oflline!
Uncomfortable silence redeems since you already know each other so well, heh ?

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