Few balances for a balanced relationship!

Have you ever noticed how all the railway tracks are always parallel to each other and are joined by a same plate? Well, that’s how relationships are. Every couple is like that pair of tracks who run from one point to another to complete numerous dreams across various destinations. It’s not by chance that the tracks are parallel. They are so because a slight change in their parallel position can bring the train off those tracks, leading to damages, both to itself as well as the travellers. That is exactly how important is the presence of balance between two people in a relationship. This equality nourishes the relationships in the long run and helps in avoiding the damages that may ruin the beautiful bond completely.

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Here are some forms of “Balance” that every relationship needs to flourish every moment-

1. Mutual Understanding.

Maximum times, the reason behind an argument between a couple is misunderstandings and absence of understanding. Every human being has his own perspective, thought process and approach towards life, which ultimately makes each one of us different from others. This difference leads to disagreements and may end up in clashes. But there’s something that can stop the negative situation from arriving. And that is UNDERSTANDING. One can avoid unnecessary quarrels if one chooses to keep calm and try to understand other person’s point of view.

The solution to a happy relationship is having this sense of understanding from both the people involved. And this level of understanding should not be on the ends of the scale. It should be equidistant or atleast not too near or far from each other.

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2. Balance between expectations.

Expectations can easily ruin something wonderful. It just takes non-occurence of one expected thing to ruin every good thing. Yes, one does have basic expectations from a relationship, but expecting way too much may lead to a mess. Compare your expectations with your partners and if you are the one who is expecting a lot, try to reduce that. Free your partner because these expectations can cage them easily. And if it is the other way round, have a discussion on this and handle the situation calmly.

Making sure about little expectations helps a lot in the long run. When one analysis this, it gives a clear idea on how problems can be solve and most importantly, how can they be avoided in the first place.

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3. Being romantic.

Yes, being romantic is also listed under the types of balances required in a healthy relationship. Why? Because many problems arise when one person is romantic and the other fails to be that. People do have problems of expression and some may even think that surprises and I love yous don’t define anything. They don’t. But, they can easily mend the cracked parts. They can keep the love fresh and allow it to grow further. One should try to keep this balance in his relationship because one person cannot shower love every time, one needs that love to be showered too.

Be the couple who is equally involved in making the relationship special and refreshing.

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4. A balanced balancesheet.

There are times when one person gets completely drained looking after finances his whole life. This is definitely different for different couples, some choose it that way, while others may prefer a balance.

A balance, however, seems to be a better option. Growing inflation and standard of living demands a lot more than just basic food, clothes and a place to live. Every devlopment in the world is only increasing the number of digits in bills and this makes it essential for the income to have more digits too. During such a situation, two earning members can make this possible instead of just one.

A balance in bringing finances actually helps in making life easy and the relationship happier. It reduces a lot of stress and makes paying bills easy. The way two people decide to share a home, they should also decide to share the hustles in life.

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5. Sharing a home and its chores.

The way there should be a balance between earnings, there should also be a balance between the two when it comes to managing kids and completing the household chores. How can it be fair if two people share a home but only one is supposed to take care of it? The way partners should stand together while paying bills, they should also take equal responsibility of their house.

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6. Trust.

A balanced level of trust from both the sides can help the relationship to move ahead smoothly. But often, this does not happen. It is observed that one of the partner gets insecure and starts having doubts. And if this continues, it can seriously impact the level of trust that one had earlier, leading to petty arguments and disagreements. Thus, it is important that both the partners trust each other equally and maintain thay trust at the same time.

One cannot expect complete trust if he does not reciprocate the same. Have faith to get the same in return. And if you don’t get that, take efforts to build that trust.

It is common for people to have fears and insecurities, but a relationship stays unaffected when the other person understands that and takes efforts to eliminate them.

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7. Balance between personal and professional life.

This is for the people who get so engrossed in their work tat they completely forget about their personal lives. It is very important to have a balance between office hours and family time. The lesser the time one gives to family, the drier the bonds get. Lack of time and attention has created gaps in relationships which nobody or no thing can fill.

So, to keep your relationship fresh and healthy, take out time for the family who loves you amidst your stress and chaos. Being there for somebody is believed to be the greatest gift and if you can give that to your partner, then there’s no doubt that your relationship will be healthy forever.

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These were some of the types of balances that are important in making relationships stronger. They define the actual meaning of “sharing a home”, which is, sharing a life, sharing the love, sharing responsibilities and sharing every emotion. One cannot expect relationships to be great if they fail in fulfilling these balances.

Maintain a balance and see how the happiness goes heavy and sadness loses its power on the beam.

How many balances have you successfully brought in your relationship?

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