Kate & William? Marriage problems? Seriously?

Not any couple, we are on about Prince & the Duchess of UK! The gorgeous pair that shone like the epitome of happiness, blessed with the best of ‘marital bliss,’ at least so it seemed, for a little while until it all seemed withering away. What could have gone wrong, one would wonder?

For everything that glitters is NOT always gold, is it?

So Kate & William! Its rather awkward to even think of something being not quite right, given the way they compliment each other, it’s really a shame that there could be probable signs of trouble within their marriage!

When the love blossomed between the pretty lass & the Prince of UK

“Prince William and Kate Middleton met whilst studying at St.Andrews university. Kate was the shy, sporty, History of Art student who caught Prince William’s attention when she walked in that infamous university fashion show. William was a world-famous Prince who won Kate’s heart with his charm, wit, and kindness.”- resources say.

Together they are now one of the most loved, appreciated couples in the world. Kate, an emblem of ‘fairy tales do happen’, dreams really do come true! Now she is the Duchess.

This is their royal love story

Pretty much like any other love story, their’s started off all bright and merry. St. Andrews University happened to be the abode that catapulted their love affair. They ran into each other at the fashion show where the dapper Prince, all royal handsomeness lost his heart to Kate’s with his swooning charms. After which, keeping together was a struggle at the stature that our handsome Prince was at, a prince after all! It wasn’t all a cake walk, they had to split up coz of overwhelming media attention.

In keeping with any other love story plot, they couldn’t keep away from each other for too long, got too much for them to bear. Obviously, as the story goes the guy & girl would’ve figured a way to get together, so did they. News! Kate was already given warm reception by public & THAT was a great relief.

When love decides to tie a knot

Just like any love story is expected to conclude, wasn’t long till the pretty model walked down the aisle. The very sober, down to earth Duchess to be, became a part of the very celebrated royal family, looking absolutely stunning. Sooner than soon the duchess announced being mum to be which got revealed due to her intense morning sickness.

There you are! Normal, so normal. Since then after a lapse of a good chunk of time, we have been hearing all sorts of things, issues that any normal marriage may be plagued with. Whether that is taken to an extreme drastic route or attempted to be salvaged all the same.

So whats the big deal if Kate & William seem to be hit by the pangs of marital woes?

When rumors strike about the love fizzling out of their marital bliss

Says who thought that being a part royalties guarantees that you will be spared of the hard knocks of life. Nah! Doesn’t work like that sadly. No matter where you come from, whatever your background be, seems some strings are pervasive. Royalty or not.

There seem to have been some serious allegations made against the prince to have done some very objectionable things during his infamous ski trip.

Reports suggest that Prince & the duchess’s marriage needs serious help. The royal couple seems to be taking counseling.

The handsome prince seems to have been spotted dancing flirtatiously with this “mystery woman”

Absence from the Commonwealth Day service was especially controversial, as this day seems to have been “one of the most important in the royal calendar.”

Like any other wife would’ve reacted, obviously, kate is definitely not a happy bunny & hasn’t seemed her usual self after the ‘debacle’

The pair taking the couple therapy to salvage their marriage post the embarrassing incident took place.

What are your thoughts on the state of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage? Do you think counseling is indeed necessary for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or do you think Kate should forgive William for “sowing his wild oats” once and for all?

The whole thing seemed to have triggered after the Prince was spotted being super friendly with the Australian model Sophie Taylor & Rosie Peate.

There have been reports suggesting that they happened to be around the prince at multiple times.

The incident also brought to public’s eye the very irresponsible act – “the prince’s lack of visibility at royal engagements.”

Do all the above suggestions state that Prince blatantly cheated on his wife? If that was true, what could have been the reason?

This raises some very important issues

What could have been the possible reasons for the disconnect?

Was this a repercussion, a consequence of something that may have happened by the couple?- Finding distraction- engaging with women outside marriage.

If it was a case of mild flirtations with no mal intentions meant, but even then what was the need for the embarrassment invited.

Personally, I feel that the royal couple just coz they are who they are, shouldn’t be usurped off their privacy. I think they are having the very normal, usual husband-wifely problems. They deserve to be given the space and time to sort out their lives. It never is fair to judge, no one ever does get to know whats going on within a marriage. It is ONLY & SOLELY the couple who know whats happening, what is serious and what is not. Whether or not the other has made a mistake or pretending to have made one. Whether they are pardonable or not, again is their personal decision. What is important is too understand and realize that these happen to be some vital issues that are capable of cropping up in any couple’s life. There never can be smoke without fire. It always is two to tango! To me, personally it can’t ever be just one person’s fault. It is all causal. There is always a cause and effect equation.

Whether there was something amiss in their relationship that lead to disappointments & thus interests fountaining in other women?

Was it just harmless casual mild flirtation not meaning a thing?

Are we just beating the bush, with no real substance to the story?

Could it all be just gimmick? We don’t really know do we?

Is there a possibility to salvage the situation still?

In either case, what does remain intact is that they are a couple, a husband and wife. They are not going through easy phase and they deserve to be given space & this issue some sensitivity. We can only just hope for the best. At the end of the day as much as salvaging the relationship is important as much is individual happiness. Marriage is a journey, pious if you please, that needs babying. If it has fallen apart, despite and inspite of many attempts something has seriously gone wrong that can’t seem to mend final call is the next step- call it quits or keep it IF there are things worth salvaging the relation for. We hope for the best, fingers crossed.

We do love the stunning couple & hope to see them together.

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