My Grave of Emotions

He said I am getting married,

Tone was low and eyes were grounded,

Wonderful news- I was sounding elated.

Congratulations! I chirped,

Our eyes met as he looked straight into me,

A tear drop was finally set free.

You do not understand yet? – He asked,

Falling short of words for the first time,

What could I say when I knew those eyes?

I had tried so hard to run from the fact,

But Karma had to play his cards.

Lost in his eyes for the moment,

Immersed in his love over the years,

Wanting to hold on,

But shackled.

Wanting so bad to stop this,


Should I? – was the voice in the head.

Born an orphan and grew up at his family’s mercy,

Was it legit to break his family’s moment of glee?

I know it broke him,

I was broken too.

My soul was touched,

Yet so barren.

Feelings immortal,

Yet in the grave.

He was searching for an answer,

And I was numb.

A deep breath,

A murmur,

A last time utter-

“I love you”,

And he walked away for forever!

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