The Saran

They met online,

Where everything seems so glittery and brown.

They fixed a place,

Where they would exchange a gaze.

Unaware of the world, unaware of the fears,

They moved towards each other in a haste.

Finally the day arrived,

To meet and exchange smiles.

She was dressed as a fairy,

And he draped a tuxedo.

Gazes locked and a spark was enlighten,

They knew that moment that they have finally fallen.

He bent down on his knees with a ring on his hand,

“Will you be mine?”- was the immediate sound.

Blushing cheeks and shiny eyes,

How could she even think to deny?

Their happiness knew no ends,

Seemed they have connected all the loose strands.

They mastered the courage and approached the elders,

With a hope, that they would let them flower.

A little bit of toil and Voila!

Parents were convinced,

The day was decided,

The day they would exchange their vows.

A small gathering beside the holy pyre,

Incantations were in the air,

Vows exchanged and celebrations began,

And why not?

Finally from “I” and “You”,

They are now just one “We”.

They are Mr. and Mrs. Saran!

Arpita Mukherjee

About the Author

Arpita Mukherjee

Immersed in the love of writing, I am a graduate from Assam. My name is Arpita Mukherjee. Emotions in me have a different way of flowing free, not by sound but by strokes. This is where I let me float. Come be a part of my world and feel the emotions. “If it is writing, I place my soul on a platter for you”- Arpita

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