She will get hitched in her time

Over the years in this society, it has been a pure trend, wherein after a certain age, you need to get married. And in case you are a girl, the pressure is even more. For our stereotyped and narrow minded society, a girl unmarried, staying alone, working, having male friends are all taboos. These are something girls of respectable families do not indulge in.

But-what is the harm in it if you are single? What is the harm if you do not want to get hitched? What is the harm if you are happy in a live in relationship or if you and your partner have that sense of understanding and maturity and are not eventually not ready for marriage at the moment?

Rumors, scandals, are they really necessary? Every human being has the right to choose the life he/she wants to live and no one should object. Being a girl, there are possibilities, that she is not ready for the responsibilities that would come up post her marriage, maybe she is not physically and emotionally ready, maybe she has a flourishing career and is not really willing to give it up just because her parents want her to marry, or maybe she is just happy and carefree being single. There can be ample number of reasons for not being hitched or not willing to get hitched. As guardians we need to give our children the necessary space and not always try and keep them wrapped in a cocoon.

If your son/daughter is willing to get married, she will let you know. Life is not about getting hitched and making a family. Rather life is what you make of it. Leave them free, let them decide the path they are willing to traverse. Chances are your principles would contrast. Sit with them and let them know what you think but do not impose your thoughts on them. They have a mind of their own and imposition would only push them aloof and increase the gap between you and your kids.  You would not like it when your children hesitate and no longer will to share their thoughts and feelings with you. No one does.

This is the age of modernization. Change your ways and let her free.

“After all staying single and happy is much better, than staying hitched and under the roof of abuses and insults. Let her choose her time to get hitched than suffocate her with the forceful imposition of a relation.”

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